Simple ways universities and students can use technology for efficient work

Work smarter

As a student or lecturer, I’m sure you’ve uttered the words “Thank God for technology!” If not those exact words, then you’ve probably come pretty close to saying something similar.

Technology has made life easier for millions of people worldwide, and students and universities couldn’t be happier about these technological advancements that have come to ease their workload. This article shall address several ways students and universities can use technology to work efficiently.

Benefits of technology in modern education

Many students often end up with challenges such as organising their research, grammar errors, and even plagiarism issues whenever it comes to submitting their work. As annoying as these errors are, lecturers and professors initially had to bear the brunt of “raw” copy. Fortunately, technology has helped learners quickly solve these issues using the many problem-solving avenues that it provides. Below are three crucial ways technology can make education more efficient.

Online research tools

You no longer need to spend a whole day perusing hundreds of book pages at the library while researching your term papers and projects. Technology has made it simpler for you by providing educational search engines that make research work much more manageable for students. A good example is Google Scholar. It offers reliable scholarly literature from many sources such as e-books, theses, articles, and academic publishers. It’s almost impossible to miss information on whatever discipline you are researching. Google Scholar is free to use, so try it out today if you didn’t know about it already.

Besides information search tools such as Google Scholar, Academia, and ResearchGate, you can also find other writing tools readily available on the internet. Purdue OWL helps students find citations and master different writing styles. Grammarly is also an excellent and reliable source when it comes to writing tools. It helps students correct their grammatical errors and improve their writing in general. Grammarly even has a plagiarism checker so you can avoid the disappointment of having your papers rejected.

Audio transcription

For most students, listening to long lectures can become mundane, meaning the chances of missing the topic content are high. Alternatively, there are times when one can’t attend classes but would still like to stay informed. In some other cases, your lecturer might be a fast-talker, and you can’t keep up no matter how hard you try. Fortunately, technology today allows us to bypass these complications. Anyone can record the lectures via a smartphone or any other recording device, then transcribe them later.

But what happens when you also don’t have the time or energy to transcribe three-hour-long lectures? Unsurprisingly technology is here to save the day once more. You can find online academic transcription services that can accurately transcribe all your audio materials. Academic transcriptions often come in handy when studying for exams and also for ESL students. Audio transcriptions are also useful for lecturers who sometimes have to teach the same material for multiple institutions or learning avenues such as online classes. Having audio transcriptions helps them disseminate the information quickly, making them work more efficiently.


It’s a common belief that most learning happens outside the classroom. And thanks to educational technology, many students can attest to this statement. There is a wide array of technology that enables students to undergo self-learning. Learners now have the chance to gain a better understanding of concepts taught in class through doing their self-assigned research. Those who struggle with grasping things also have the opportunity to learn at their own pace.

There are various online learning methods such as videos and tutorials, virtual models and simulations, and e-books that students can use to learn. YouTube is one of the best visual learning platforms, with many self-learning students referring to themselves as YouTube graduates. With online learning tools, you can quickly turn your fate from being the student to the master. It all depends on your eagerness to learn and adapt.


Everyone likes to have some free time to do other things, which is what technology provides. By taking advantage of some of these technology tools, you will have saved a lot of time which you can spend on other aspects of your life like family and travel. Besides, most of the technology available is free to use, and who doesn’t love free things?

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