Engaging and inspiring prospective students at this difficult time with Emsi

Universities must find innovative ways of inspiring people to enrol

With the national crisis unfolding around us, universities are having to adapt to new and very different ways of working, particularly the transition to remote working and online teaching, so that students can continue their education. According to Alistair Jarvis, chief executive of Universities UK, the response so far has been particularly impressive.

But what about prospective students? How are universities to engage meaningfully with them, particularly given that open days are not going to be happening for the foreseeable future?

Universities are going to have to do most, if not all, their engagement of prospective students online, and this means looking for new and innovative ways of inspiring people to enrol. One such way of doing this, especially given the current uncertainty, is to seek to provide answers to the following fundamental questions:

  • What are my career prospects if I study this programme?
  • Does this course lead to well-paid careers?
  • Will I develop the skills I need to be successful in my chosen profession if I choose this degree
  • Which employers offer the type of careers I’m interested in? Are those opportunities local or do I need to relocate?

Do people in the professions I’m interested in hold postgraduate qualifications?

Of course, the questions over jobs growth and openings are always important, but even more so now with the disruption we’re experiencing. We can give two views on this:

1. What is the economy likely to revert to once the crisis is over based on pre-Covid-19 trends?
2. What is happening right now across jobs?

Providing insight on your local economy as well as the wider regional and national picture allows you to ensure the most relevant guidance is reaching your students.

The phenomenon of underrepresented groups typically preferring to remain in their local economy may become a wider trend. This is because of people having discovered the disadvantages of studying away from home during the lockdown, and preferring the security of choosing a local option. Indeed, focusing on more local markets will be necessary anyway to help balance the disruption to the recruitment and arrival of international students. We have a solution which can help your university achieve this.

Emsi’s Career Coach platform can help

Our Career Coach platform enables you to enrich your website with careers data. We map your programmes to relevant labour market data and provide you with a direct feed of labour market data into your website’s course and careers pages. Alternatively, we can host the data on a microsite that you can link to from your website, and we are able to have this up and running within a fortnight, with the APIs switched on overnight, so you can drive up website engagement without delay.

With the huge impact on A-levels and university admissions, prospective students will be revisiting their university choices. Make sure your institution can engage effectively with a clear narrative on how you can support them in achieving the future they still hope for.

For further details, contact Emsi UK’s director for higher education, Richard Hewitt, at richard.hewitt@emsidata.co.uk.

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