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The rise and rise of learning analytics

Analysis of the digital trails that students leave will become central to curriculum design, says Martin Hall

Net Neutrality?

Martin Hall asks; what do Reykjavik and Washington have in common, that potentially affects us all?


Low latency solutions, or LoLa, is one of a range of new, system wide digital solutions provided by Jisc, explains Martin Hall

Will we all be cyborgs?

Martin Hall asks: will we be cyborgs, part flesh and part machine? What advantages will this bring? And what should we worry about?

Its not the App, it’€™s the Application

In a newly-rented office suite off Deansgate in the centre of Manchester, Jamil Khalil is building a new virtual space. Martin Hall reports

Your [FREE] In-depth Guide To Object Storage

Plus: How University of Leicester Saved 25% in Data Storage Costs