Exeter University offers Green Futures Scholarships to those worst hit by climate crisis

People from countries affected by the climate crisis will be funded to study Master’s courses related to sustainability

The University of Exeter is launching a programme to fund the studies of would-be students from countries most affected by the climate crisis.

Green Futures Scholarships will be made available to people from low-to-middle-income countries looking to earn a Master’s in courses directly related to the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Ultimately, says the university, “the programme will develop a network of like-minded individuals who can share their knowledge and experiences to lead change from within their communities and beyond”.

Each scholarship will cost £36,000 and be funded via a 40:60 split between alumni donations and the university.

We are determined to support those most affected by the climate and ecological crisis – Tim Lenton, University of Exeter

Applicants to the programme will be required to demonstrate their commitment to:

  • Learn about the scientific, human, social and cultural issues intrinsic to effective sustainability
  • Be equipped with the skills and imagination required to help create a sustainable, “greener” economy
  • Develop a global mind-set, combining culturally inclusive behaviour and environmentally sound practices
  • Contribute to the economic and social development of their home countries

From the archive: In 2019 an internal panel declared that the University of Exeter should become carbon neutral by 2040

“Unfortunately, the cost of higher education, travel and living in the UK country are significant barriers for students,” said Professor Tim Lenton, director of the Global Systems Institute at the University of Exeter.

“We want to offer talented students the opportunity to receive quality education here in the UK and are committed to supporting as many of these scholarships as possible.

“Exeter is open to everyone with the academic ability, irrespective of their background or financial circumstances and we are determined to support those most affected by the climate and ecological crisis.”

Last year, Exeter announced the launch of a Green Rewards scheme, in which staff and students are awarded points and prizes in a bid to encourage sustainability-friendly behaviour.

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