Location-based services will transform purpose-built student accommodation

On average, a student will spend three to four years of their life at university. For the majority of students studying away from home, this means finding suitable residential or shared living accommodation.

As it stands, UK student accommodation has seen record levels of investment with property developers providing student accommodation (PBSA) in every major city with great locations, hotel-type amenities and easy transport links to universities.

However, there is vast competition among accommodation operators, meaning developers are having to seriously consider competition on price, location, entertainment and student experience. To resolve this and meet the demands of students, Glide location services and analytics presents a unique opportunity for UK operators to leap ahead of the competition with the right brand of student experience.

Paving the way for generations to come

Up until now, developers have been constructing buildings worth over £50m based on legacy design principles.

These were typically designed by people who were two generations removed from the present market requirements of digitally demanding residents. However, installing fibre into the building from the planning phases will enable future capacity for increased wifi speeds and the growth of connected devices.

We’ve seen an exponential growth in connected technology, from sensors monitoring the environment to location-aware devices providing granular detail on how people use the spaces they live in and interact with wifi networks. This can provide interesting analysis into how the building is used, giving developers valuable insight to be carried forward into future building designs.

Location analytics can be added to an existing wifi network quickly and easily. Existing wireless access points can be used to triangulate the position of devices across an entire building. Alternatively, access points can be strategically deployed to offer a proximity solution and identify busy periods and footfall through reception or common areas.

Teamed with fibre connectivity, this new wave of digitisation will offer future students a next-generation user experience. From the day a student first engages with an operator, technology can start to work with innovative engagement, technology-based experiences, security and peace of mind that continues across the academic year and will last a generation.

Maximising student experience and operator benefits 

Smart fibre infrastructure is frictionless in terms of the services it enables to enhance the student experience.

Some students will be well travelled and street smart, while others will be away from home for the first time, but all will require a safe place to enjoy university life.

Location-based technology can be used to add additional safety and security with alerts for unauthorised access, restricted areas and tailgating. Location analytics has significant operational benefits like guaranteeing reception is adequately staffed during busy periods, recommending quieter times for new students to be inducted and best times to use on-site facilities like the gym or laundry.

The solution will provide meaningful data for building operators like the amount of time students are spending in the building, how they utilise common areas and how many devices each student is connecting to the wifi.

Glide is leading the way in location-based services

Location-aware services have an important role to play in the digital evolution of a property, particularly in extracting return-on-investment from a wifi network.

They can be used to differentiate properties, flag where investment in student experience will have the biggest impact and contribute to 100% occupancy. Glide’s location-based services run over existing wifi networks and use anonymous MAC addresses to understand how visitors move around a student property.

With this in place, developers can maximise operational efficiency and the student experience for years to come.

To find out more about our location-based services, email [email protected] or call us on 03333 800 800; www.glidegroup.co.uk/lbs

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