Student Mental Health

student mental health

The education sector is recognising more and more the importance of safeguarding and managing students well-being including their mental health. Particularly in higher education where students are living away for often the first time in their lives.

Recognising that having a mental health illness is not the only risk and that environment, generic life problems such as relationship breakdowns and family difficulties, study pressure and financial strain can also play a role in short term mental health problems is a responsibility that all institutions face.

Furthermore, how institutions are structured and deliver their services and support has a direct impact on spotting signs early and supporting students through challenging experiences.

The NHS list a helpful page with guidance on student mental health with advice on:

  • When to get help
  • How to get help
  • When to see your local GP Doctor
  • The effects of drink drugs and mental health


In addition you may find it useful to read this phenomenally good report from the charity Student Minds. They researched and interviewed leaders in UK universities to create the report student mental health: the role and experiences of academies. It’s packed with thorough information on student mental health and how you can manage it within your institution with case studies.

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