Connect, Engage and Coach Members with Technogym mywellness

Reaching members anywhere and anytime to connect, engage and coach is more important than ever, and can easily be activated through Technogym Mywellness

In an industry like fitness and wellness, member engagement and connectivity are fundamental. Today, more than ever, it is important for universities to continue to be close to their members.

Staying connected

Technogym Mywellness is the ideal solution to stay in touch with your members. Launched in 2012, the complete digital platform allows you to connect and engage with users and deliver “Wellness on the Go.” With a variety of different functions available, which can be configured to your business requirements, it allows fitness facilities to manage their members training at home.

Engage members

By keeping in touch with members and offering a range of content and engagement to train at home, members have been proven to be more loyal to the fitness facility in the medium-long term. Even if they are unable to attend the facility for a period of time, such as over the summer break, they are more likely to return because they have not lost their training habits.

Remote coaching

There are no doubts about the fact that today, it is key for universities to be able to offer training programmes and services to members at home. To make the best use of this technology, the Mywellness cloud platform enables universities to offer training and coaching programs to their members remotely.

It could not have been any easier. Thanks to Mywellness Cloud, we are more connected than ever to all of our customer base

Discover train at home

Thanks to the mywellness app, universities can provide training services to their members to keep them active and motivated to achieve their goals.

Workout of the Day – The app provides a choice of three new workouts every day to users, helping them to keep active.

Training Contents – Universities can deliver personalised programmes to individuals, keeping members engaged and on track with their personal goals.

Remote Coaching – The app includes a chat-to-coach function that allows trainers to keep in touch with members, anytime anywhere, keeping them motivated and active.

Celebrating Success with Technogym partners – CitySpace, University of Sunderland

CitySpace were swift to begin promoting their remote training options to members, using social media channels to communicate the services still available. Mywellness apps Coach and Prescribe have become key pillars of their new membership journey, with members still able to chat directly with their trainers, and trainers able to create bespoke programmes to keep members on track with their goals while in isolation.

“Train at Home and the Mywellness software has been an excellent resource during this unprecedented time. It has allowed our fitness team to continue working remotely and remain in contact with our current members, while also reaching out to new ones. We have been able to create content with innovative home workout ideas, as well as encourage direct communication between members and fitness professionals to prescribe personalised programmes based on each member’s goals, and the fitness equipment they have available at home”, says Kevin Ludlow, facilities manager at CitySpace, University of Sunderland.

Village Gym

Village Gym were quick to adopt Train at Home and proactively rolled the concept out across their 31 sites throughout the UK. To promote this new fitness offering to all existing members, Village posted content through all social media channels, ensuring maximum promotion. Village Gyms went on to tailor the three daily workouts to suit different fitness levels, with all three workouts available in easy, medium and pro levels on the mywellness app.

“The Train at Home concept has been a massive support to both our members and our brand. It has enabled us to keep engaged via social media and still offer members a much-demanded fitness service. The workouts are progressive and easy to follow, aligned with the great professional touch which Technogym always brings. They have been a sure-fire success”, says Ben Edwards, national fitness manager at Village Gym.

PLM Health and Fitness

Being a 24-hour gym and new to training at home, PLM were keen to keep the momentum going for their members. To do this, they chose to utilise Mywellness Cloud, as it enabled them to provide three daily workouts made available anytime, anywhere, meaning their members can maintain their training routines remotely.

PLM further enhanced their offering by adding additional home workouts designed and delivered by their very own team of trainers. And to keep the personal touch, bespoke programs and regular trainer-member contact is available using the Coach function of the app, helping to keep users on track with their fitness goals.

“Utilising Mywellness Cloud, we continue to provide tailored guidance for our clients, a variety of home workout options for all our members and, more importantly, the opportunity of growth during challenging times. It could not have been any easier to personalise to match the business and thanks to Mywellness Cloud, we are more connected than ever to all of our customer base”, comments Phil Moss, managing director at PLM Health and Fitness.

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