Wix SEO Services – The ultimate guide for university marketing managers

The top tips to optimise your Wix site to meet university demands

As a University Marketing Manager you are most likely taking advantage of all Wix has to offer. That being said it also may come as no surprise that SEO is not their strong suit. Compared to WordPress, Wix can fall behind if you don’t know which WIX SEO services to use. In this article, we will be providing you with the top tips to optimise your Wix site to meet University demands.

Let’s jump right in.

1-Tools of the Trade

When you created your site on Wix you may have noticed they offer tools for everything, and SEO is no exception. By entering into your dashboard you will find a breakdown of various SEO tools they offer that will help your site rank higher and get more organic traffic. Here are a few that come in handy:


This keyword helper is free and intuitive. To use it you need to answer some specific questions about your site and business and then it provides you with a helpful list of keywords. This nifty tool even impressed Google, who noted how easy it was to see your search results.

Long-Tail Keywords

With no coding required across the Wix platform, you can easily upgrade your keyword choices to increase ranking and drive traffic. To find great long-tail keywords, you can use various sites like Ahrefs or Click here for Wix SEO services.

Be Responsive

One myth that has been circulating is that Wix wasn’t mobile-friendly, and it’s just not true. Wix offers beautiful and responsive templates that are a snap to design and launch. You should also make sure you have Google’s accelerated mobile pages set up for fast loading time. This will also increase your rank and keep your visitors from bouncing.

2- Sitemaps

Like a regular map a sitemap it lets your visitors and spiders show you how your pages are connected and relevant to one another. From an SEO standpoint, this is critical as ranking is highly dependent on how well your site navigates, loads, and is structured. You can create a sitemap through the Google Search Console or use the SEO Wiz mentioned above. It is (too) easy. Once your domain is connected submit sitemap and BOOM, all done.

3-Local SEO

Stats across the board are showing that over 90% of purchases are done with a 20-mile radius of their location. Sadly, many shopkeepers don’t utilise Local SEO and lose thousands of customers. I recommend approaching local SEO in a few different ways:

1. Google My Business – this FREE tool makes local SEO a snap. Make sure your profile information is as detailed as possible, includes a map, images, and that all the information is correct and consistently updated. The goal is to get on Google’s local pack which is that coveted box that appears when you search for any business.

2. Site Booster App – Wix has its own tool now that helps drive traffic to your site by getting your biz on the map literally across a variety of search engines like Yelp and TripAdvisor

3. Bring in the Pros – if like most people you don’t have the time for SEO, using a service is a must.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this piece helped you realise how important it is to optimise your site and that Wix offers quite a few helpful tools towards that goal. It’s SEO Wiz does everything from keywords to sitemaps helping your rankings and searchability. Wix also lends a hand in local SEO with the booster app so your site gets noticed and hopefully lands you in that magic box aka the Local Pack.

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