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Sponsored: When’s the right time for refurbishment work? – We look with Forbo Flooring at how using the right solutions can make a big difference

Everyone knows that refurbishment projects can lead to downtime – a fact that, when it comes to education buildings, can cause headaches. However, finding the right time to do the work and using the right solutions can make a big difference, helping to keep disruption to a minimum, as Lewis Cooper, Marketing Executive at Forbo Flooring Systems, discusses here.

In any sector, while vital to help keep interior spaces looking fresh for the building’s occupants, refurbishment works can cause a large amount of disruption, even potentially requiring the part-closure of a building while the work is carried out. When it comes to our education buildings, such as universities, it’s easy to see why refurbishment projects are a regular occurrence, especially given their continued use and high-traffic areas, such as corridors and reception spaces, that can get a real beating. However, planning in and coordinating the required downtime for such work to be carried out can present building and facility managers with a real challenge.

However, the winter months, when universities are closed to students, can be the perfect time to complete such refurbishment projects. What’s more, given the large spaces commonly found within university buildings, it is still important to choose products and solutions that can be installed quickly and efficiently if students and lecturers are to be provided with a new, safe and welcoming environment when the next semester begins.

With this in mind, the latest developments in adhesive floor coverings – such as those found within Forbo’s Fast Fit range – can be the ideal solution for university refurbishment projects, being quick and easy to install and ready for use immediately after installation.

Forbo’s Fast Fit collection encompasses an array of genuinely rapid and reusable adhesive free products all suitable for different areas within a building, including the award-winning sheet vinyl, Modul’up and Forbo’s adhesive free LVT collections, Allura Ease and Allura Click Pro. Quick, easy and economical, Forbo’s adhesive free solutions have been designed to be installed with minimal subfloor preparation, or even over an existing floor. Not only does this reduce installation time by over 50% compared to standard, glued down products but the elimination of adhesives also makes the job itself far easier, as it completely sidesteps a range of potential application and curing issues. There are also no lingering odours or aromatics, resulting in a better indoor environment for all who use the building.

Of course, it is also important that a flooring solution delivers from a design and performance perspective, contributing to an inspiring and motivational interior, and meets the practical necessities required in terms of performance. Here, once again, specifiers, contractors and facilities managers can be confident in Forbo’s range of ‘fast fit’ solutions. For example, thanks to its double structural stabilisation system, Modul’up will not curl, ruck or roll once installed – as can occur with some vinyl products. It is also available in an enhanced acoustic 19 dB version, which is ideal for spaces where impact noise needs to be minimised, such as in corridors.

Modul’up also benefits from Forbo’s XtremPURTM finish, an extremely high-performance lacquer protection, which provides the best possible resistance against stains, scuffs and scratches and provides a natural matte aesthetic. This finish also enhances the slip resistance of the collection to R10 and delivers a fire performance of Bfl-s1.

What’s more, Forbo’s portfolio offers an array of striking and contemporary designs, from stone and natural wood effects, to bright and vibrant designs – including digitally printed designs – perfect for creating a series of bright, welcoming spaces for university students to enjoy.

Any refurbishment project can present building and facility managers with a challenge, but education buildings perhaps especially so. With minimal downtime and disruption a major consideration, carefully planning work around the winter holidays and opting for Fast Fit solutions can make all the difference.


For more information on Forbo’s Fast Fit flooring solutions, please visit: www.forbo-flooring.co.uk/fastfit

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