Unlocking the power of integration for smarter education

iLockerz demonstrate a solution for a smarter future in higher education

Technological innovation has been spearheading transformational change in higher education in recent years, adapting not only the way universities teach and students learn, but also how campuses operate. The possibilities are undoubtedly great yet, despite the clear benefits that new technology delivers to education, many universities are failing to embrace its full potential by overlooking the power of integration.

Putting new systems in place can often be disruptive, presenting many challenges to those having to manage the transition. If universities are to lessen the significant impact of innovative technology being implemented, they must also consider ways to minimise the complexities of these processes.

One solution being realised for its effectiveness is the implementation of an intelligent locker system which allows access to digital devices to be automated whilst generating real-time information on all user activity and system usage.

Offering clear benefits when installed as a standalone system, the capabilities of an intuitive locker excel further when integrated with a university’s active directory or library management system.

But what other advantages can this particular innovation bring to higher education?

Operational continuity

Adopting a more unified approach to managing technology – including the high volume of mobile devices being used daily by students – allows universities to replace its traditional methods of checking items in and out to students with a more straightforward and accountable system.

By integrating an intelligent locker system with existing data management software, institutions can provide a self-serve facility for students which requires no additional management, reducing burden on admin and support staff.

Saving time and avoiding disruption on campus, universities can focus their efforts on providing the best academic experience for their students without distraction.

Enhanced experience

Putting in place a secure facility where devices can be collected and returned 24/7 allows students to conveniently access the items they need, when they need them, without the hassle of having to queue or wait around unnecessarily.

Integration via SIP2 protocol enables the software built within an intelligent locker to communicate with almost any library management system, removing the need for manual processes for admin staff whilst automatically providing accurate data required for inventories and audits.

Simplifying operations and boosting efficiency across campus, this solution can also improve the everyday experience and productivity levels for employees, students and even visitors.



Valuable ROI

Implementing a fully integrated locker solution which can securely store, charge and track items reduces the likelihood of valuable devices getting lost or stolen, saving budgets being drained through funding replacements.

Integrating the locker with an active directory or library management software also saves the extra expense typically involved with staff having to train for and manage a separate system. As the systems allow reports to be created easily and quickly, time and resources can be freed up for other activities.

Student ID cards can be programmed to allow students to access the locker systems when needed, removing the need for separate keys to be purchased whilst reducing operational costs.

Future-proof versatility

In the years ahead, emerging technologies will continue to drive education towards a more advanced mode of learning. To support the adoption of technology on campus, universities must therefore ensure they have adaptable infrastructure and operations in place.

Considering an intelligent solution which supports modifications in the event of future system updates or procedural changes can keep universities moving forward into an ever-transforming digital era with minimal interruption and expense.

Intelligent lockers boast cutting-edge software which can be easily reconfigured, enabling institutions to provide a modern academic experience now, whilst allowing them to respond to forthcoming innovations as and when they arrive.

A smarter future in higher education…

Technology is set to become ever more interwoven into the fabric of academic life and, as a result, universities will need to adapt the strategies and facilities available on campus to cater to an increasingly advanced range of requirements.

Intelligent locker systems provide a solution to many of the admin challenges institutions may face and, whether installed as a standalone unit or fully integrated, each locker offers a cohesive and versatile system for universities seeking to fully embrace new technologies in the years ahead.

 For more information about iLockerz intelligent locker systems, visit www.iLockerz.com.

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