Unibuddy’s Global Conference: Celebrating the higher ed community

After 18 months of uncertainty, challenges, and confusion, it’s time to look forward and prepare for a new era of higher education marketing.

The ‘new normal’ isn’t just an overused phrase, universities worldwide have had to power drive to take on a new approach to student marketing and recruitment. So, as we prepare for the year ahead, it’s time to get together, learn from each other’s findings, and celebrate the year we’ve overcome! 

On 14th October, Unibuddy’s Global Conference will see the higher ed community come together to inspire, innovate and share new recruitment strategies proven to work. Sessions include tips for how to best support international students, digital recruitment ideas, learning from higher-ed marketing mistakes, and must-have discussions on student engagement, diversity, and social mobility.

Unibuddy Global Conference 2021 | Unibuddy

We spoke to Ben Jordan, senior policy manager at Ucas on the importance of joining the UniBuddy Global Conference to shine a light on student social mobility. “Speaking about issues like social mobility is absolutely core to the mission of higher education and making sure that as wide an audience can benefit from learning, and that we are really trying to change our approach and access to help students realise their potential really matters to us so it’s great to be able to share this with institutions around the world,” said Jordan. 

Dr. Annalisa Alexander, head of outreach and widening participation at Imperial College London, joins Jordan on the panel. 

Asked about the importance of events like the Unibuddy Global Conference, she says: “As a sector, we simply can’t afford to become complacent. The students are our customers and we need to move away  from the traditional view of ‘selecting’ or ‘recruiting’ universities to all become savvy recruiting HEIs. Sharing best practices, discussing what works (and what doesn’t) is vital to keep us at the top of our games and to make sure we really put students at the heart of our engagement and recruitment activities. 

“When we all come together at events like this, we can have that conversation in a supportive environment, sharing insights, techniques, and opportunities with each other. Every university has something unique to offer and we must make sure that our target markets have all the information at their fingertips.”

Unibuddy’s founder and CEO – Diego Fanara – echoes Annalisa’s point on why events like these are essential to unite the higher ed community and make student wellbeing a priority. 

“At Unibuddy everything we do is about the power of community, and this event gives the higher ed community the opportunity to come together on a global scale. The thing I’m proudest of with this event is its ability to let people share their challenges and ideas, to grow and learn together, and bring positive change to the sector.”

The 18-hour event not only hosts informative sessions and discussions but has a lot of fun networking sessions for everyone to take part in and enjoy! Shaking up your standard online event, the wellness stage features yoga, mini workouts, virtual happy hours, and more– giving you the chance to learn and have fun at the same time. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Register now! 

Thursday 14 October
4 am – 9 pm BST

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Unibuddy Global Conference 2021 | Unibuddy 

If you’d like any more details on the event, or anything Unibuddy related, reach out at Lina.Bastidas@unibuddy.com 

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