The Food Checker: The easy way to share allergen, nutrition and calorie information

Food service professionals are facing increased pressure to provide more information about the food they serve and sell

For those involved in selling and producing food, the legislative burdens keep multiplying. Caterers in more and more types of food serving environments must now deliver information concerning ingredients and allergens, as well as calorie content.

Pelican Procurement has come up with the answer – The Food Checker. A simple to use, web-based portal, it allows users to provide a range of information to consumers, via their smartphone. Allergen, nutrition and calorie information can be shared, allowing customers to check just before they order, whether a meal or dish selection meets their dietary needs.

The Food Checker works through easily created QR codes, which can then deliver a menu item photo, description, price, highlight if it is vegan or vegetarian, provide allergen information as well as specific nutrition and calorie information.

What menu information can you share?

You can list as many dishes as you want and choose exactly what information you want to share:

● Menu item photo
● Description
● Retail price
● Highlight vegan or vegetarian dishes
● Allergen information
● Nutrition and calorific information

Who benefits from using the Food Checker?

The Food Checker has been designed to work in any food service settings including university, hospitality and leisure environments. In each instance, catering teams can easily control the information made available, tailor the portal with the venue’s own branding, and help customers make safe, informed menu choices. That leads to higher customer satisfaction, less complaints and lower wastage.

Make it your own

● The Food Checker allows you to add your own logo and brand colours and more!
● Add your own landing page image
● Add a personalised allergen disclaimer
● Add a site footer and suitable contact details
● Add your own company logo
● Select a complementary background colour
● Generate QR codes to direct customers to view specific menu items

The Food Checker is part of the Pi suite of online software, designed to help digitise the management of catering and procurement. Integrated with other elements of Pi, it draws product and allergen information and costings automatically from suppliers, providing customers with the information they need. Other modules of Pi also help food service professionals gain greater real-time vision over margins, stocks, deliveries and payments – saving them hours of administration time.

The Food Checker is complimentary to Pelican Procurement clients, and there is no charge for configuration, implementation, online team training, or any limit on the number of users.

To find out more, why not book a demonstration by emailing or call Michelle Parnham on 07810 480 786

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