The evolution of the connected campus

Higher education has had to rapidly adapt over the last year to transform its networks, opting for modern, intelligent solutions to cope with growing demands for a hybrid learning environment

The digital learning experience now a necessity, with growing expectations from students. The challenge remains within the education sector – how to deliver reliable and secure IT services, whilst simultaneously creating an engaging student experience?

As schools, academies and universities continue to respond to the current health crisis, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and Platinum Partner KHIPU Networks have helped transform learning and teaching experiences for thousands of staff and students.

Chris Butler, head of business development, KHIPU Networks says; “It’s easy to take good connectivity for granted when it works. But when it doesn’t, users get frustrated and IT gets the kick back – the reality is, loss of connectivity is intolerable. Ultimately, many institutions are discovering that their networks, whether wireless, wired or both, cannot provide the level of service demanded by their users, lacking the scalability and reliability required to cope with today’s demands for anytime, anywhere, any device networking.”

Overcoming the connectivity challenge

Intelligent network provisioning is helping revolutionise digital life on campus – by empowering students and staff to embrace the latest digital learning tools, while enabling IT departments to proactively enhance the user experience.

The ‘always connected’ network:

With a growing dependence on mobile devices, IoT and hybrid learning, the always-on digital experience is now a hygiene factor for higher education students and staff.

By facilitating campus-wide wireless access, your users will benefit from ultra-reliable, high-speed and secure wireless connectivity – transforming the way students work and learn.

A shift in IT mentality:

No longer should we all view network infrastructure as just the backbone of IT, but as an opportunity to proactively add value to the student experience. For example, taking advantage of location and analytics, you can create systems to allow student to check study space available in real time – increasing student experience and saving wasted trips.

Online safety:

The overriding need for network security is more abundant than ever. Harnessing industry-leading network design and world-class cyber security can help create future-proof networks that give both staff and students the confidence that their information is safe and that the campus is well defended against cyber threats.

The continued shift to a digital campus

More and more HE and FE institutions are choosing to transform their networks, opting for modern, intelligent solutions that can cope with these new demands. So, with the big shift to digital transformation for enhanced learning and teaching, and user expectations for 24/7/365 network availability, IT must be fit for purpose. To offer a world-class educational experience, education providers know that they need to offer world-class connectivity. Speak to Aruba and KHIPU Networks to find out how your campus can be transformed to improve the student learning experience.

“Delivering reliable and fast wireless services is crucial for the university, however, so is security. We worked closely with KHIPU and Aruba, to deliver a campus-wide service that improves the user experience without compromising security.” Rob Spalding, head of infrastructure, Anglia Ruskin University.

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