Students return to safer kitchens with HobSensus

With as many as half of all accidental domestic fires starting in the kitchen, fire services throughout the UK have been highlighting the dangers of people being distracted while preparing meals

Hobsensus, the safety device that watches over cooking hobs, has been installed in over 1,200 student kitchens since its launch in mid 2021.

HobSensus comprises two units: the sensor head that is positioned centrally above the hob and the power switching unit under the worktop. These two devices communicate via a highly reliable, secure radio signal. Where hard wiring for power to the sensor head is impractical, batteries with a life expectancy of two years can be employed.

The sensor divides the cooking surface into 64 zones for greater accuracy and is compatible with most 600mm or 900mm electric hobs.

The person preparing food simply presses the red button to activate the hob which will run for 30 minutes – other time frames can be set if necessary. When the time elapses, the power to the hob is cut. Pressing the button again enables the resumption of cooking. If, however, the sensor detects those temperatures on the cooking surface are reaching dangerously high levels, it will begin to flash and produce an audible alarm beep. Should no intervention be forthcoming, the unit will cut the power to the hob rendering the kitchen safe. Following a cool-down period, the red button can be pressed again to resume operation.

Students press the red button to activate the hob – which then cuts out automatically in the event of fire risk


Ideally suited for communal kitchens such as student accommodation, this two-tiered approach of timer and temperature sensing reduces the likelihood of hobs being left unattended and causing problems.

Compliance with ES50615:2015 means HobSensus has been through a rigorous testing programme and passed with flying colours, ensuring temperatures on the cooking surface do not reach flashpoint.

HobSensus can also integrate with Prefect Irus to provide data on hob use such as current draw, and trigger logging. The system can also be connected to third party devices, ie smoke and fire alarms. This can send a signal throughout the building to turn off all other hobs if a single unit is triggered. In the event of building evacuations, fire crews have the knowledge that there are unlikely to be any secondary ignition points.

The stylish design complements any kitchen design, and the robust, tamper-proof manufacture means even the most challenging environments are safer with HobSensus on the wall.


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