SMC2: affordable eco-friendly sports structures

SMC2’s covered sport and recreational spaces maximise your student and community sports activity and revenue year round. Our Preo® Canopies and Meta® Halls provide economical and ecological structures enabling sport to continue whatever the weather.

SMC2 is a specialist international design and build company headquartered near to Lyon in France with offices in Frankfurt, London and Montreal. Respect for nature lies at the core of our activities. As developers and builders of both simple and complex structures, we contribute to the provision of spaces that are both sustainable and pleasant to use.

Every day our teams provide aesthetic functional buildings to private and public sector clients matching ecologically responsibility with affordability.

In 2020, the UN declared a climate emergency. With a controlled carbon footprint, reduced energy consumption during fabrication, construction and use, the goal of creating spaces with minimal impact is not a utopia; SMC2 strive to make this aspiration a tangible reality. We choose low-carbon materials with minimal embodied energy. Our buildings make use of renewable energy and IT resources in ways that respect the principles of a sharing economy.

We design and construct high-quality structures that are economic and ecological in terms of investment and operation.

Our innovative solutions bring together sport and play in a responsive manner satisfying the needs of today as well as tomorrow. Our construction expertise coupled with our knowledge of player need enables us to put forward solutions which deliver on the fundamental requirements of the ideal sports hall.

Our construction systems combine the best structure and claddings to create virtuous buildings:

  • Timber for the structural frame to store CO2
  • A tensile membrane roof to protect players from inclement weather and further minimising our environmental footprint.

Sports complexes 

We offer comprehensive turnkey solutions for sports halls, delivered to the required quality, on time and on budget. We listen intently to your needs, and together we build up a specification an proposal that is sensitive to the site and complies with local planning policy.

We firstly define the requirements of the project’s end users and then do what we need to do in order to make that resonate with the budgetary and environmental constraints. To achieve this, the emphasis on individual facets of the facility can be adapted in different ways using different construction techniques:

  • Centres for dynamic sport
  • Multi-purpose facilities for sport and culture
  • Specialised facilities for martial arts, gymnastics, dance, etc.
  • Changing rooms
  • Club houses, cafeterias, etc.
  • Equipment and general storage

Halls for dynamic sport (ball and racket games) are constructed using timber frames with textile membrane roofs and facades (at high level). They protect players from inclement weather and ensure maximum comfort.

Naturally luminous

Textile membranes are translucent. The degree of translucency can be selected to match the needs of each individual project. Our facilities use natural daylight to provide homogenous and harmonious environments free from glare and uneven shading.

Controlled acoustics

Tensile envelopes are supple and do not reverberate.

Tempered environment

Player comfort is ensured by controlling the temperature* and relative humidity.

Simplicity and functionality are the watchwords for our designs, ensuring that your needs are met in the most efficient manner.

This rationale has one goal: to make sure that our facilities are practical


  • Freely accessible sport and recreational spaces that can be used all year round, our Preo® Canopies provide economical and ecological structures which enable outdoor activity at all times , whatever the weather.
  • This is a simple and efficient solution which greatly encourages community sport and activities in parks and local neighbourhoods without requiring regular maintenance or security.
  • We offer turnkey solutions including all types of fixed goal equipment, fencing and sports surfacing.
  • For the façades that are most exposed to prevailing winds, we can offer added protection by use of louvred timber walls at low level and micro-perforated tensile membrane façades at high level.
  • Use PREO® to cover both existing & new facilities.
  • LED lighting means that the facilities can be used for night time games.
  • Our covered multi-sport (or multi-use-games areas (MUGAs) in the UK ) are designed for playing a multitude of sports all year round whilst sheltered from bad weather.
  • This turnkey open-air facility is ten times more economical than a traditional sports hall in terms of its initial capital investment and operational costs.
  • The construction speed is a major advantage: built in just one month once on site, they can be erected over existing play spaces without disruption or the need for mass concrete foundations.
  • Their architectural design brings together glued-laminated timber (or a combination of timber and steel) with a translucent membrane roof.

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