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Knowledge exchange consultancy Liber Larus invites UK researchers to assist with visits from overseas academics


Liber Larus brings together experts from science and industry to collect, consolidate and synthesise innovations in energy and environmental development.

Established in Leeds in Feb 2020, the company involves several service arms as: education service, enterprise cooperation/consultancy, and technology R&D. Besides the current link with University of Leeds, Liber Larus is also considering extending its education service to other universities in UK.

Liber Larus is based in the Nexus building at the University of Leeds


Liber Larus’s current education service includes the following two categories:

Individual scholar visit programme
This is designed for individual overseas students and academic staff who wish to come to the UK for between one and 12 months to enhance their research experience. Liber Larus will help applicants to personalise their research proposal, and apply for a visa. The current research fields we accept are: sustainable low carbon energy; bioenergy and biotechnology; clean and effective combustion; alternative energy; future materials; smart electronic products.

We’d like to expand the research field to other subjects – eg medical, literature, business – and we would like to establish cooperation partnerships with researchers/faculties in the UK.

Short-term training programme
This programme is designed for group visits to the UK. The target customers could either be people who wish to come to the UK to visit academics and/or labs, and establish a network, or those professional groups who wish to take a short training course in the UK to enhance their skills. We currently accept all applicants interested in the big research topic of energy and environment, and resource is backed by research staff from University of Leeds.

Now, we’d like to cooperate with other faculties/universities who wish to join this programme as ‘trainers’ to provide services to our ‘trainees’ with us.

The UK-Thailand technology and culture exchange centre in Bangkok is due to be completed at the end of 2021


Current challenge

The pandemic outbreak of 2020 caused the restriction and cancellation of international travel. And due to the lockdown in the UK, many overseas customers cancelled their travel plans because, even they came here, they would have to stay at home rather than experience any research/training activities.

As a result, Liber Larus is planning to postpone the education service marketing until Covid restrictions in the UK are fully lifted.

Guest researcher board

Liber Larus is also preparing to establish a guest researcher board. This will consist of researchers in different fields who will cooperate with us in different ventures.

Researchers are invited to join us in the roles listed below:

● Individual work placement supervisor
● Short course lecturer and workshop trainer
● Technology consultancy adviser, mentor, coach

Liber Larus will serve as a platform to find customers and members of our guest researcher board, and charge a service fee. The researchers will earn based on their quote and determined by work case.

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