Nutrition tips for 2021

By Professor David Russell and Charlotte Harbour, registered nutritional therapist

At the beginning of a new year, many of us are looking towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. It will come as no surprise that here at Russell Partnership, we are avid believers in the power of food, movement and appropriate supplements in the role of optimal health – so, we’d like to offer a few guidelines for staying vibrant this year:

Aim to eat five to 10 portions of vegetables and fruit each day
Yes, you heard us right – up to 10 portions of vegetables and fruit per day, bearing in mind a portion is around a handful. This does sound a lot, but if you enjoy two portions with each meal – mixed berries with breakfast, salad with lunch and carrots plus broccoli with dinner, you’re halfway there.

Vegetables come first as they are lower in sugar and generally higher in nutrients. If you are not used to eating lots of vegetables, start introducing more slowly as they can cause bloating from the increased fibre and do drink plenty of fluids.

Don’t forget your fats
Protein is often hailed as a key to healthy living , and for good reason – it most certainly is essential. But don’t forget to include sources of healthy fat in your diet too. Our favourites are avocadoes, free-range eggs, olives and olive oil and grass-fed butter or ghee.

Consider your vitamin D levels
During the winter months the sun is naturally lower and out for less time, so speak with a doctor or nutritional therapist about supplementing an appropriate vitamin D3 for you.

Nourish your microbiome
Your gut holds a colony of over 100 billion bacteria – the microbiome – which is essential for maintaining health and wellness. Keep your microbiome healthy by including plenty of fibre in your diet, avoiding too much processed sugar and enjoying probiotic foods (sauerkraut, kimchi) or an appropriate supplement supported by evidence.


Well wishes for 2021 – find us on LinkedIn at Russell Partnership Collection to chat.

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