New term. New times. Is your tech ready for the new start? 

IP-based video streaming and digital signage can be used for communicating a variety of messages and educational content

When life resumes on the university campus, it’s now understood that new and very different schedules and processes will be in place for quite some time.

With this change comes the need for consistent campus-wide communication – and IP-based digital signage is increasingly recognised as central to creating an effective communications strategy.

In the current Covid-19 era, health and safety messages, wayfinding and student flow management will need to be constantly and widely communicated.

Eye-catching graphics and text, complemented by videos or live TV, can be displayed on screens in numerous areas beyond reception, including hallways, common rooms, cafeterias, lecture theatres, libraries, labs, student union bars and everywhere in-between where there’s a network connection.


IP-based video streaming and digital signage can be used for communicating a variety of messages and educational content, including to:

  • Guide visitors, staff and students through reception
  • Display frequent reminders for social distancing, hand sanitisation, etc
  • Direct student and teacher flow around campus
  • Inform staff and students of changes to classrooms
  • Advise number limits in meeting rooms and common areas
  • Live stream lectures to multiple theatres where capacity levels are restricted
  • Stream live or recorded lessons to students working remotely
  • Reduce student interaction with desk-based staff
  • Advise how to clean communal areas and equipment
  • Inform staff and suppliers of new delivery procedures on campus

Choosing the right tools for the job

Exterity’s intuitive digital signage application, ArtioSign, makes it easy for universities to create, schedule and publish dynamic campus-wide communications. Live TV and video can be incorporated into signage screens to strengthen overall communications strategy, and IP-based video streaming can provide an effective learning environment around the campus and remote locations.

Find out more about Exterity IP-based technology for Higher Education or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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