New smartphone-controlled wall sensor breathes fresh air inside universities

B.E.G. UK Ltd’s new high-tech wall sensor is helping to keep people safe in university buildings

A new high-tech wall sensor that measures air quality and humidity which can be controlled by a smartphone has been introduced by a leading lighting controls manufacturer in the fight against Covid-19.

B.E.G. UK Ltd has been working on the technology as a way of making universities become safer places as students return to campuses after the summer term.

The BEG OCCULOG® sensor controls the air quality and humidity based on the level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air and, also acts as a temperature controller.

VOCs are released into indoor air by natural emissions from human bodies, mostly through ventilation systems.

High levels of CO2 can lead to individuals losing concentration, experiencing headaches or tiredness, which can be problematic for schools or offices.

With the help of a built-in LED traffic light (with the colours green, yellow and red), the BEG OCCULOG® sensor warns by colour change, as well as by an additional acoustic signal, if the indoor air has reached a critical value. This means if the air quality is poor (and red), the air conditioning can be switched on or a window can be opened to improve air quality in the room.
Depending on the model, the threshold values for red and yellow can be adjusted via remote control or with an adapter.

The light colour can also be regulated by means of integrated human centriclighting (HCL) control, while RGB control ensures colour-matched ambient lighting. The sensor can be controlled remotely with the adapter or smartphone using the BEG One app.

The aim of the BEG technology is to make indoor spaces a more inhospitable place for airborne viruses like Covid-19

Director for UK and Ireland, Paul Jones, said: “It is widely understood that ventilation can reduce the airborne concentration of coronavirus. The aim of the BEG technology is to make indoor spaces a more inhospitable place for airborne viruses like Covid-19 travelling through indoor environments.

“The new BEG OCCULOG KNX wall sensor is our all-rounder for building automation as it measures air quality and humidity and is also a temperature controller and provides businesses and the education sector, including universities, with a reliable way of keeping indoor spaces as healthy as possible.

“As soon as there are too many VOCs in the air, a CO2eq value is approximated and the sensor will indicate in stages when it is time to ventilate. With this function, these buildings will always ensure a perfect indoor climate.”

The German manufacturer has designed the temperature control to be very simple by means of limit values in the electronic traction system (ETS).

Heating or cooling can be activated via a heating actuator and the status LED indicates heating in red and cooling in blue.

Jones added: “The room user can change the temperature individually via the integrated rotary wheel which does not necessarily have to be used for temperature control. It can also be used as a controller for air quality (ppm set value) or for humidity (relative humidity set value).

“The air quality sensor offers the room user yet another option for individual control: if a night setback is stored in the system, the user can activate the comfort extension via the integrated button.”

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