Navigating edtech and the future of online learning

Professor David Russell in partnership with Peter Russell

Online learning has been a fast-developing area for many years and the last 12 months has seen rapid adoption of technology to deliver teaching and learning across higher education. Some measures will be temporary and others will be longer-lasting. As we approach the time when classroom-based learning can resume, discussions will be required on how to transition back to this and which technology elements will be retained, changed or removed.

A recent Ipsos survey across 29 countries discovered that the majority of respondents think the split between online and in-person learning is here to stay. With this being the case, hybrid learning environments are here for the foreseeable future. The survey also revealed that 72% of respondents think that higher education will be delivered online as much as in-person, if not more.

With the continued growth of fully online and hybrid classrooms, all institutions are working to strengthen their edtech roadmap to plan the right way forward over the next few years. These developments must keep the curriculum as the driving force behind which technology programs are utilised to deliver this content creation.
The rapid growth of online learning platforms such as EdX, Udemy and Coursera has created a new wave of content creators within the education space. The drive towards increasing quantities of online content is happening simultaneously as expectations for content quality are also becoming heightened. This places additional pressure on higher education to match the delivery formats being developed and offered elsewhere. All of this online content will also be required to maintain the appropriate web accessibility standards to ensure that all students can access the content.

Building a robust and forward-thinking roadmap for the next five years will be essential to plan for these many varied challenges.



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