Matching students’ real expectations

Helping student residents feel supported and valued is a priority for Collegiate

To date, Collegiate has delivered state-of-the-art student accommodation, as quality and design have been key factors in the accommodation decision making process. However, the Covid-19 outbreak has accelerated a movement towards students’ new expectations. Together with most higher education institutions and accommodation providers, we have to ask ourselves what makes a great place for students to live post Covid-19.

Has student behaviour changed? With so much media surrounding various topics, including mental health to financial struggles to being more eco-friendly, we must meet the needs of a new mindset through a remodelled offer.

Collegiate has taken this into consideration and tailored its accommodation offering with a back-to-basic yet diverse and inclusive model and approach.

Forward thinking and realistic

As an award-winning and design-led student accommodation provider, Collegiate expects year-on-year to innovate and identify new trends that provide a new need for students – such as a karaoke room as a new social space, or a dishwasher as a new feature. However, with the experience and feedback in delivering to students during a pandemic, we have taken a much more holistic approach – what really matters to students? As a forward-thinking company, we are eager to enhance our offer to provide added value with a realistic approach combined with a continuous design-led presence.

More than just a room

Value for money is not always price-driven. Value can mean different things to different students depending on their wants and needs.

Wellbeing and safety

This is a significant area that has stormed the world. With many students’ wellbeing at risk, it is vital that we are listening and enabling a high quality of life. Intensive staff training and an environment that is welcoming for students are initial steps in the right direction. Parents are also sensitive to that subject and need to be reassured about the positive environment in which their child will be living. Collegiate is developing supporting events and content to share with residents, helping them to feel valued and listened to across the academic year.


University is a milestone of independence and an exciting time for students, so what you provide for them is just the beginning of a story and journey they are about to embark on. Developing an approach on diversity and culture is crucial as students need to feel relevant and feel the appreciation and understanding that not everyone’s the same and people have different values.


It is important to inform students about what we are offering, providing a clear and concise wording which answers real students’ concerns: safety, wellbeing, quality outcomes, fun and enjoyment. This is supported by a user-friendly website, blog posts, collaterals, imagery and engaging contents.

Community building

Building a community has been a fail for most businesses, as they don’t know that it takes just three weeks to make a good impression and to make someone feel included. With great social spaces, to jam-packed events and places for students to meet new people, three weeks soon becomes achievable.

Collegiate’s focus is on delivering an ultimate student experience, from the front door to the bedroom, that demonstrates it’s ‘More than just a room’. To achieve this involves creating an active community and managing it so it survives and develops over the long term.

Students in Exeter can start the 2021/22 academic year in style as bookings are now open for the new Neighbourhood Clubhouse building, built on the former live music venue known as ‘Mama Stones’, which was owned and run by soul singer Joss Stone’s mother, Wendy. The 31 rooms in the newly-built four-storey building on Mary Arches Street continue the same premium quality that The Neighbourhood accommodation has become known for. They include double bedrooms as well as self-contained studios with New York style bathrooms, fully fitted kitchens and great views of the city, greenery and Exeter life. As well as the outstanding rooms, residents can enjoy life to the full and become part of a community through the building facilities which include a gym, residents lounge, cinema, study room, karaoke room as well as exclusive residents events.
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