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Understanding the student mindset has never been harder. With Covid-19 disrupting this year’s recruitment and enrolment cycle, and so much uncertainty around what will happen in the coming academic year, no one knows for sure how students will respond or what the impact will be.
But how can you make strategic marketing decisions when the landscape has changed so dramatically? By listening to students.

Over 1.2 million students regularly turn to Student Hut for advice; engaging with our unique content, taking part in our market research and telling us what they really want to see from universities and HE institutions.

Did you know…
Eight in 10 students want their lecturers/tutors to wear PPE at least some of the time
90% of students are concerned about the impact Covid-19 is having on the environment
Six in 10 students would not re-enrol at university if their teaching went online-only

Our broad audience of decision-makers at every level and in every corner of higher education have found the insights into the way student opinion has changed over time useful from multiple perspectives, and the way in which the team at Student Hut have kept pace with the news and tested student sentiment towards it has kept the insights fresh and actionable – Jim Dickinson, associate editor, WONKHE

Student Hut is the UK’s most engaged and diverse voice for student life, and also carries thousands of impartial reviews on all aspects of the student experience. Trusted by government organisations, institutions, brands and agencies, our diverse student panel helps take the guesswork out of student marketing. This student audience knows you better than you know yourself. Just ask them.

Student Hut is the UK’s only student platform which has proprietary engagement and panel software. This means institutions can instantly access our panel to support market research, PR and brand analysis at the click of a button. We can commission bespoke, managed research and on-site inventory, all cleverly integrated and powered by our in-house tech, and our award-winning research team are accredited partners with the Market Research Society, demonstrating a commitment to research and insight excellence.

Our student panel:
Offers quick responses and fast turnarounds
Is GDPR-compliant
Is the most engaged and diverse youth panel in the UK
Offers smart and detailed segmentation options

With a wealth of resources to support marketers, student unions, and students themselves, from university reviews to research and insight, through to free reports, Student Hut is a unique platform that can help you to better understand your students. Our student tracker provides free fortnightly insights into the student mindset, and our cutting-edge research goes deep into truly understanding students’ motivations, attitudes and behaviours.

The Student Hut website is a hub for student information and advice, which you can use to help support your students – from wellbeing tips with the mental fitness app Fika, to free textbooks with the online learning library Perlego. And we don’t just talk about diversity; we live it. Student Hut offers a platform for all student content creators, particularly BAME, and our research aims to highlight issues of diversity and inclusion, such as our recent white papers on Black Lives Matter and student representation in advertising.

Visit to find out more about our research projects and opinion panel, and learn more about our unique student insight capabilities.

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