Logitech showcases Rugged Combo 3 Touch and digital pencils at Bett 2022

Logitech designs products that have an everyday place in people’s lives, connecting them to the digital experiences they care about in ways that matter

When it comes to education, Logitech products empower educators to create and deliver dynamic lessons that engage and inspire their students. Its tools and solutions make it easier for students to focus. In addition to this, they support creativity and provide students with choice of how best to learn and interact with materials and apps.

Logitech will create a World of Possibilities at Bett 2022, for the lecture theatre and beyond, providing a range of products that cater to whichever ecosystem (whether that’s Apple, Chromebook or Windows) an educator has opted for. Its interactive booth will showcase its full Education portfolio – including the Rugged Combo 3 Touch and its digital pencils – both designed to enhance learning anywhere, anytime and for anyone.

The Rugged Combo 3 Touch is a slim, protective keyboard case with integrated Multi-Touch™ trackpad. It is the perfect solution for university students, as it allows them to effectively turn their own existing iPad into a lightweight laptop for them to use wherever they are studying, whether they are taking notes in a lecture, collaborating with others in a seminar, jotting down notes at home at the kitchen table or working elsewhere on campus.

Designed in collaboration with educators, administrators and IT specialists, it offers students the best learning experience possible on an iPad. As the name suggests, the Rugged Combo 3 Touch is also designed for the bumps and knocks that come with a student’s life on the move. Featuring spill and pry-resistant keys, the case also exceeds the MIL-STD-810G military drop tests standards, meaning it can easily stand up to any of the potential knocks and spillages that come with a life on campus. Portability is also at the centre of the case’s design, with an intelligent design meaning it can be quickly folded away and slipped into a rucksack or bag when not required.

The versatility of an iPad and Rugged Combo 3 Touch is enhanced further when combined with a stylus such as Logitech Crayon. A versatile, pixel-precise digital pencil, Crayon boosts productivity and lets students get creative, whether that’s marking up research PDFs, taking handwritten notes or sketching lab diagrams. It is also designed to work with hundreds of Apple Pencil supported apps, so students can start learning, collaborating, and creating on iPad instantly.

Pitched at a more affordable price point than other digital pencils, Crayon still includes the same level of functionality, meaning that students can enjoy identical precision, writing and drawing but at a more student-friendly price. Intelligent features such as palm rejection technology mean that students can sketch as if using a real note pad, without interfering with apps, and the triangular prism shape of the pen barrel prevents it from rolling off desks and getting lost under shelves.

With the Rugged Combo 3 Touch case and a digital pencil like Crayon, a tablet like an iPad can support home or remote working easily, ensuring students can continue quality learning with minimal disruption but can also protect and extend the value of investments. What’s more, there’s no need to buy completely new equipment – with the keyboard case and digital pencil, students can continue using the tools they already know how to use, reducing the difficulty associated with technology adoption.

To learn more about the Rugged Combo 3 Touch and Logitech’s digital pencils, visit its Bett stand at [SC81,SJ41]

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