Is your clearing system capable of delivering the best student experience?

CallCare discusses how outsourcing can support your university’s internal procedures

Clearing can be a stressful time for everyone involved. Students’ futures are on the line and they want assurance they have somewhere to go in September. They want to talk to someone who can guide them through the process, meaning they don’t have to spend too long feeling stressed. You, as a university, want to make sure your prospective students are cared for throughout the entire process.

But are you confident you can give students the quality experience they expect and deserve? The pressure is substantial, but what matters is you are capable of delivering a quality interaction to every potential student, as you promised.

It’s a form of excellent customer service and while providing that at such a busy time seems impossible, it isn’t. There are ways you can make clearing a straightforward process for all involved.

It starts with preparation. You can’t know how many calls will come your way during clearing. Your preparation should start well before clearing, with a full stress test and analysis on your system.

When students rely on you to guide them, the last thing you need is a full system failure. By working with CallCare, we can simulate the phone traffic of clearing by making thousands of scenario-based calls to your helpline within a short period of time.

We also use real people instead of computers to create a more authentic recreation. By simulating scenarios you might come across – such as confused or distracted students – we equip you with the skills you need.

Following that, we can advise you on how best to manage vast volumes of inbound calls. You can test your disaster recovery protocols and assess whether they meet your standards.

Our expertise comes from our own experience in the call centre sector. We have multiple call centres operating a 24-hour call handling service across the UK and have our own extensive disaster recovery measures. This means we’re well-equipped to take calls from international students who might call at any hour of the day. Answering these is essential, as there may be fewer of them but with a greater focus on asking questions surrounding recent changes and how to navigate the current situation. And, in an increasingly digital world, we offer convenient web chat and email services.

In the event that your system does go down, your student callers don’t have to be left in the dark; you’ll be equipped for every eventuality. By outsourcing to CallCare, you can rest assured that your student experience will always be professional, responsive, and of the highest standard. Our end-to-end solutions take away the worry of missed calls, long hold times, and disastrous system failures.

Just ask one of our satisfied clients: City, University of London. Their head of admissions said: “CallCare was committed, organised, and communicative from the outset of the project. I would wholeheartedly recommend other institutions to use their services.”

Whether you want to qualify students’ results over the phone, test your systems, guide international students through the process, run an outbound campaign to support the filling of your scholarship spaces, or just need some backup should the worst happen, we’re here to help. Our services provide 24-hour support to ensure you don’t lose out on potential revenue.

Our offices are fully operational and following all government-recommended social distancing guidelines. You don’t need to worry about how clearing would work remotely or how you can get your business safe to bring staff back in; our team is ready to work right now.

To discover more about how CallCare can help your educational organisation, please visit or call us on 0345 055 8444.

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