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How clean are your washrooms and communal areas? Hygenie Washrooms, based in the Midlands, highlights some shocking statistics and share information on its state-of-the-art products to keep the germs at bay…

How clean is your Washroom?

Even though we’ve been in washroom services for over 10 years, we are still amazed by the statistics when it comes to bacteria. Here are just a few that may just make you recoil in disgust:

● Bacteria isn’t just found in the toilet bowl. The areas with the highest amount of bacteria in a washroom are the floor in front of the toilet, the sink drain and the feminine sanitary units¹
● It was reported that the average toilet paper dispenser was found to have more than 150 times the amount of bacteria than the average toilet seat²
● Studies have shown that the average reading of microbe counts in a typical washroom has exceeded the industry benchmark. A recent swab test from a toilet bowl has shown a reading of almost quadruple what the healthy range is¹.

Washrooms in any organisation, including universities and colleges, are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. With Coronavirus to contend with now, too, it’s more important than ever to ensure your washrooms and all other areas are kept as clean as possible.

The Innovative Solution to Reduce Bacteria in your Washroom

The most effective and popular units we provide are Hygenie air purification units. They are essentially purifiers which eliminate odours by killing bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi in the air and on exposed surfaces.

The unit has been independently laboratory tested and it was shown that there was a 98% reduction in bacteria levels in only 5 minutes!

Hygenie air purification units work by using a specialist dual ultraviolet (UV) lamp. This draws in dirty air and not only turns it into ‘clean air’, but also ‘cleaning air’ which circulates throughout the room eliminating odours and targeting the cause.

They utilise a combination of technology, effectively incorporating an ozone generator, germicidal UV unit and ionizer to produce superior results compared to any other technology.

They’re ideal for washrooms with high footfall and there are a range of units depending on the size of your space. Our team has installed units in many educational settings, including large colleges and universities.

It’s not just about your Washrooms!

Of course, bacteria and viruses don’t just like to live in washrooms. So we also provide:

● Cleaning and sanitising stations as an all-in-one solution, housing sanitising spray, hand sanitiser, gloves and paper towels
● Sanitiser stands to grab the attention of visitors to ensure they follow hand sanitising procedures
● Hand sanitiser and sanitising sprays in a range of sizes
● Masks and visors – both disposable and reusable options
● Hand and sanitising units – wall mounted or freestanding, manual or automatic

What Universities and Colleges have said

“Ever since we signed our contract with Hygiene, they have provided the highest quality of service with superb customer support. We look forward to extending our contract with you for years to come,” St John’s College, Oxford

“Hygenie has been giving us consistently excellent service over the last three years. Staff are very friendly, helpful and professional and I would highly recommend the company. Response times are brilliant for any unforeseen situations,” St Catherine’s College, Oxford

“We have used Hygiene Washrooms for a while now, after changing from a National company, the difference in service is very noticeable. They provide us with scheduled visits and email us in advance. The staff are professional, well presented and provide a discreet service.

“From our initial meeting their advice was sound, they listened to our requirements and after completing a site survey of our washroom needs provided very competitive prices against current costs. The installation was very quick and without any upheaval to ourselves. The equipment is far superior with clean sanitary units and effective air fresh.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending them for your washroom services. Brasenose College, Oxford.”

Find out more

If you are looking for an experienced and dependable complete washroom service provider, or simply want to find out more, please do get in touch. Our friendly team would be delighted to help.
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¹Initial Hygiene Philippines
²Health Science Journal, 2015

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