Hybrid learning is here to stay

Sony’s digital learning technologies will continue to engage and educate long after the pandemic is over

A new way of working

Universities across the globe had to make quick decisions affecting the way lectures were taught and how students learnt during the Covid pandemic. Higher education has always had a need for hybrid working, so this is nothing new, but not all universities were equipped with the right technologies to provide digital learning for 100% of their student population.

Investing in technology takes time and money, so it needs to be easy for lecturers and students to use and also be quick to set up to save valuable time in the online learning space. It needs to be fully reliable, so classes run smoothly, and no student misses out on getting a quality education. This includes keeping international students in mind by establishing a solid online experience spanning across cities, countries and continents.

Even with limited access to lecture halls, students’ expectations remain high. For universities to provide a high-quality education experience that students have come to expect, they need to implement the right technology.

With the right equipment in place, universities can be confident they can provide an experience online that reflects the same quality of in person lessons – if not even better.

Investing in technology

For Comillas University, their top priority when Covid disrupted higher education was to engage students with the same experience whether they were at home or in the classroom. They called this ‘simultaneous bimodality’ – students having part physical contact and part virtual contact with a lecturer to offer an optimal learning experience.

Like many universities, they didn’t have all the technology in place to make this happen seamlessly. They needed a solution that could be implemented quickly, but also something that would continue to be beneficial once the pandemic is over and face-to-face classes start up again to make the most of their new technology investments.

Sony helped the university achieve simultaneous bimodality through fitting 228 classrooms with Sony SRG Cameras and Sony MAS-A100 Handsfree Beamforming Microphones. Replacing insufficient laptop cameras and microphones, the SRG cameras have wide beam ranges so digital learners can view the whole class at one time and the microphone helps to capture conversations between the lecturer and students within the room. This is a much more immersive experience for online learners. Being ceiling-mounted, the microphones allow for mobility when teaching and a hands-free experience which is essential when working in a sanitary teaching environment.

The University of Lausanne installed a bespoke end-to-end Sony solution to maintain and even increase interaction between lecturers and students. They implemented the Sony Edge Analytics tool to extract handwriting on the board for students to see clearly whether they are learning online or in the room. As well as this, SRG cameras were installed to provide full HD images with a wide view angle to see a whole room. The lessons can be recorded and uploaded to UbiCast to provide interactive video content for students with crisp handwritten notes on the board and a quality view of the classroom.

Capturing the lecture content clearly, enables students to engage and interact with the lesson, getting the most out of each class. The University of Lausanne has uploaded 12,000 videos with 9 million video views – this just proves how effective technology can transform the online learning experience.

Sony’s higher education solutions

We’ve been evolving our higher education offerings throughout the pandemic to bring you the best in hybrid learning. The pandemic won’t last forever but it doesn’t mean your technology investments need to go to waste. Our solutions will not only enhance online learning, but they will also make physical learning experiences more engaging in the classroom.


Read more about our solutions here: https://pro.sony/en_GB/solutions/education

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