How university professionals can market their university

Competition is rife in the higher education sector, and that means marketing needs to be a priority

Unfortunately, even professionals often misunderstand how universities can be marketed, and it’s all too common to see the same mistakes. The key to university marketing is knowing more about your assets, and the good news is that even the smallest university setting will have assets that can be used to attract students, investors, new academics, and staff. Don’t rely on social media memes that fail to reflect your university brand. If you’re struggling with marketing for a university, here are some tips to get you started.

Think about what you pay for

If you spend money on something in a university environment, you want to get the maximum value. Too often, marketers in the higher education field neglect to consider many potential opportunities. If you have a top-notch cafeteria team, use them as marketing assets. If you spend part of your university budget on a well-known and professional cleaning service like HG International, then that’s a way to promote your learning spaces’ cleanliness and your professional approach to every single facet of your university management. There is plenty of spending in a university budget and using that spending to encourage more awareness can be critical.

Use your statistics

One of the most useful weapons in your marketing arsenal, using your current and former students’ stats, can go a long way to showcasing to potential students (and their parents) that your university is worth considering. Using provable stats that are targeted to the right audience will get you the attention that you need. Use your graduation stats, which will also benefit individual departments and lecturers. That’s a stat you can use every year, updating as you go.

Alumni profiles

One of your most useful assets for marketing is your former students. For those students slowly working their way through UCAS listings, seeing what your former grads have achieved can be extremely motivational and could be the deciding factor when it comes to first and second choices. Of course, not every student who attends your university will become a billionaire or industry leader, but any solid career gains with respectable companies should be highlighted.

Academic research

This is the asset that can utterly transform your marketing. While it’s not always easy to turn dry academic writing into a vibrant marketing language, any content writer worth their salt will be able to tackle that for you. Use those published papers and turn them into press releases, include them in your email newsletters, and turn them into a variety of different formats (infographics are always valuable). For potentially visual subjects such as science, engineering, or art, use video content to gain real marketing traction.

University marketers have a lot more options than they often use. Many marketing tactics will benefit a university, from hosting public events to showcasing the wider range of programs you have on offer. When it comes to marketing, get it right, and next year’s fresher’s week could be busier than ever.

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