How smart pick-up lockers can improve your campus

How to streamline deliveries to student halls of residence and uni campuses

During the Covid-19 pandemic, colleges and universities implemented many policies and practices to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their students and faculty. These included introducing new contactless technologies and systems to aid with social distancing. Although many things have now returned to normal, many things that changed during the past 18 months are here to stay. Campus management teams are not only looking at new ways to help keep students and staff safe – streamlining systems and processes through smart technologies are also high on the to-do list.

Smart parcel lockers are just one of the emerging trends to come out of the pandemic that universities are finding themselves gravitating towards. As students were unable to visit shops and get their retail fix on the high street, they chose to spend online as an alternative (as did most of the nation). As a result of this increased change in shopping habits, deliveries to student halls of residence and uni campuses increased exponentially, as did the time it took facilities management teams to process the never-ending flow of parcels and packages. We at Your Workspace were able to recognise this issue, which is where the Your Pick-Up Point solution can help!

Smart parcel lockers, or as we call them, smart Pick-Up Points, provide a contact-free, cost-effective, convenient and automated solution for what is called in the logistics sector ‘the last-mile’ delivery.

Put simply, the easy-to-use system will notify students that their item has been delivered in real-time. Pick-up takes seconds, and the lockers can be accessed with either the free smart phone app, which can integrate with existing student or university apps, or via the built-in control panel. This gives students a convenient self-service collection system that is available to them 24/7 and gives management teams fully recorded visibility around usage that can be accessed remotely.

Here’s a more in-depth breakdown of how the system works:

1. A student makes a purchase online

2. The item gets delivered to their halls of residence, either to the reception team or directly to a Pick-Up Point on campus

3. The recipient’s contact details are found on the system, either via the control panel at the lockers or by using the easy-to-use online software

4. A locker is allocated, and when the door closes an automatic notification is sent to the recipient

5. The notification is sent via their phone or email advising them of their delivery, locker number and access code

6. The recipient collects their item at a time and date that is suitable for them

7. The locker is then released back into the system ready for the next user

Pick-Up Points offer more

Our Pick-Up Points are not just for the post room, however!

Smart Pick-Up Points can also be used in other ways that go beyond the mailroom, which in turn increases their value and the ROI of this smart delivery system. They can be shared by departments and used for any exchange of assets, whether loans from the library, the loaning of equipment from an IT or science department, or even as a way to distribute uniforms or dry-cleaning. The functions are limitless.

The Your Pick-Up Point Solution

We are matter experts in smart parcel management and provide a revolutionary delivery and pick-up service. Our system is:

  • Secure – An automatic log of every drop-off and pick-up for full chain-of-custody visibility is recorded for up to 90 days. The technology will ensure that your parcel will not be lost or stolen, and the smart locking system is one of the best available on the market.
  • Convenient – Your Pick-Up Points allow for 24/7 package collection, so that you can collect your items when it suits you.
  • Cost-effective – Managing campus deliveries is no mean feat and can be very time consuming and frustrating. Onsite teams can spend less time on managing deliveries and more time on other things.
  • Contactless – The system offers a contactless and frictionless experience. Your Pick-Up Points can help to limit unnecessary contact with others and will streamline the whole parcel management process.
  • Integration Capabilities – Our smart Pick-Up Points can also be integrated with your existing university and student apps or campus hubs as aforementioned, to make using the system even more convenient.


The software tracks the whole process from receipt of the item, through to collection, and offers management teams and students full recorded visibility around usage.

Are Pick-Up Lockers right for you?

We are dedicated to helping university campuses of all sizes find the right smart pick-up solution to suit their parcel management needs. We partner with each university to ensure our smart pick-up points provide a unique experience, from concept and design through to installation and on-going customer support.

Get in touch to find out how we can help! Visit:

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