HALO™ is helping education rise to the challenge of Covid-19 with gold-standard saliva-based PCR testing

With Christmas fast approaching and students travelling home to family for the festive season, it’s crucial to ensure students and teachers across the UK remain safe at home and on their return to university with a trusted and reliable PCR testing partner.

Covid-19 has changed the way we live, work and educate, and unfortunately, there are no signs that it will disappear soon. Safeguarding student and staff welfare is vital, and while there’s no single answer to the current crisis, a PCR screening system that works alongside hygiene measures and health service treatment will help keep the education sector Covid-safe throughout the festive season and winter period.

The impact of Covid-19 has meant education has suffered for more than one year. Staff and students within close-knit educational environments remain at high risk of infection and transmission, despite the availability of vaccination. Screening only symptomatic individuals will permit spikes of transmission and make infection control more challenging.

Regular PCR tests are key to preventing further outbreaks and tracking variant strains of the virus, therefore working with a trusted screening provider such as HALO means your educational facility can offer a scalable, bespoke and convenient testing solution to reduce transmissions.

Market-leading Covid-19 testing

PCR tests are the most accurate, sensitive and specific tests for Covid-19 and while most PCR tests are swab-based, HALO uses non-invasive, saliva-based testing, without the need for nose and throat swabs, to provide almost 100% accurate results, simply and without discomfort. Just spit in a tube, scan it with the HALO app and you’re done.

The Sunday Times calls us “the best spit test on the market”. Find out more.

A trusted solution based on excellent partnerships

As the only saliva-based PCR provider with a UKAS accredited lab, HALO is also the only test service to partner with University College London and the Francis Crick Institute to detect and protect against new variants.

  • Furthermore, HALO manages large numbers of tests for educational establishments and results within 24 hours from receipt at their lab.

World-class science, technology and logistics

HALO was one of the first screening and verification systems designed to get people studying, working and travelling, in a simple, safe and affordable way.

Its service integrates:

  • A simple, painless saliva PCR test
  • The fastest and most accurate laboratory protocols and efficient logistics
  • A unique encrypted identification and verification app which provides rapid identification of positive cases before these individuals have the opportunity to transmit the virus to others

HALO’s painless, non-invasive saliva-based PCR kits are designed to keep institutions moving smoothly:

  • A gold-standard PCR solution
  • A courier service for the delivery and collection of tests
  • Results sent directly to the HALO app or secure Administrator Portal

Protecting student and staff welfare and our education system

As we move into the festive season, having a reliable and trusted testing solution partner like HALO, with the most accurate Covid tests at affordable prices, is crucial for student and staff welfare, and to avoid further disruption. Protecting our education system and making sure students and teachers feel safe over the winter holiday and in the new year should be our top priority.

Learn more about HALO today.

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