Get your campus future-ready with smart locker technology

Smart lockers offer a totally connected and integrated smart storage solution across your university

The majority of universities and colleges have now returned to education following a turbulent 18 months.

Campus management teams have completely new challenges to face and new things to consider when it comes to the running of a university. The need to keep staff and students safe is still high on the priority list, but giving students a better learning and living experience, and also helping faculty to do their job better, is also a main concern. Things have changed drastically from what they were this time two years ago, so managing a campus in today’s world is no mean feat. As subject matter experts in the educational sector, we have seen boards of educations turning to new ways of learning. Many are introducing new technologies into their setting in order to deliver a safe, secure, and enjoyable learning experience for both students and staff alike.

One of the emerging trends to come out of the pandemic that universities are finding themselves gravitating towards is smart lockers. More than traditional lockers for storage purposes, smart lockers can offer a totally connected and integrated smart storage solution which can be applied to many areas of any campus or halls of residence.

Agile storage for the agile student

A university student can have a large number of different classes within a single day, across multiple locations within a campus setting. Each of those classes could require different books, materials, and equipment in numerous locations. A flexible locker system available throughout the campus will ensure that no matter where a student needs to be, they can access any available locker without the need for a dedicated key or padlock, or advanced booking.

Flexibility for faculty

Our university lockers are incredibly helpful for staff and lecturers too. Being able to keep their belongings in one place will allow them to keep their workstations free of clutter and will help to maintain the smooth running of the university overall. If you have limited staff space to work with, don’t worry. We create lockers for spaces of all dimensions, and our extensive range of compartments and sizes means that we will be able to create a design that works for both the space and the staff working in it.

Management made easy

The need to issue keys to lockers manually and help with access issues will be a thing of the past.

You can set campus rules with the smart lockers we like to call Simplicity. Allocate lockers on a temporary or permanent basis, for a fixed period of time – for example, for the year or term or on a flexible ‘day locker’ basis – so that students can obtain a locker for the day in the location they need to be in. Pre-set notifications and alerts can also be sent to students either via the free mobile phone app, which can be integrated with existing university or student apps, or via an email notification. This can remind locker users that their locker booking is expiring or ask them to empty their belongings from their locker ready for the next user.

Simplicity smart lockers also offer full visibility around usage, so that management teams know exactly who is using a locker, in what location and for what period of time.

Simplicity smart lockers have no geographical boundaries and therefore can be managed remotely, across multiple floors, buildings, and even throughout different campuses. This contactless management function allows you to open, allocate or block lockers, and send students or teachers notifications from one single point of access.

Smart integration with uni apps

Most universities are finding that a quicker and more efficient way to automate campus functions and communicate with their students is through a university app. Instant notifications, video conferencing for lectures and locker bookings are just a small number of things that can be controlled and booked with ease.

University apps have proven to simultaneously fuel educational results and student engagement, productivity, and satisfaction.

The benefits that smart technology can offer any university are limitless and is revolutionising the way we manage our campuses with on-going software developments to match the changing and evolving needs of our students.

Safer with simplicity

Simplicity smart lockers can also be used to help keep students, staff, and visitors safe post-Covid-19. The software located in each locker door will automatically monitor who is using the lockers, and will keep a record of the date, time, locker number and locker location, in the event you need to notify students of a Covid-related illness.

The data that is recorded via the locker software can help management teams to establish practical layouts and designs too, by analysing the volume of students, staff and visitors using lockers in certain parts of the building. This will help you to implement social distancing policies throughout your setting should these guidelines need to be implemented again in the future.

Are Simplicity smart lockers right for you?

We are dedicated to helping university campuses of all sizes find the right smart locker solution to suit their needs. We partner with each university to ensure our Simplicity lockers provide a unique experience, from concept and design through to installation and on-going customer support.

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