Future-proofing through frameworks

How an integrated campus management solution will help your university rise to any challenge

Factors such as changing expectations, increasing demand for new technologies, new educational models, as well as shifts in how students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding communities want to use campus space are all challenges that higher education institutions face.

On top of this, the world has suddenly found itself in the midst of a global pandemic. Universities must confront the reality of adapting the operations of their physical, digital, and learning infrastructures to the ‘new normal’, which often means campus operations must be flexible and alert as change after change is presented. Now more than ever it is essential for universities to get a solid framework in place to future-proof facilities and real estate operations.

The project has proven that Cloud is indeed a cost-efficient, good performing, secure and future-proof alternative to an in-house installation – Karlo Porter-Price, IT & information manager, The Open University

Technology can play a significant part in aligning places, people, assets, processes and information to maintain and improve the campus experience. A campus management solution can produce high quality management information and the use of a singular, central database leads to transparency and better control. It also enables universities to identify areas that need improvement to meet their business goals.

Implementing an integrated campus management solution can help your institution unify all stakeholders, processes, data and technologies in a single platform, enabling significant cost savings and encouraging continuous improvement.

Planon has created a white paper which explores the development of the campus of the future and the role of integrated software solutions. But, crucially, it also features a maturity framework which is designed to help higher education institutions identify their strengths and needs, and suggests next steps for selecting the right solution. This means whether you’re just beginning your research, or are already deep into your evaluation of the options available for your university, the campus management maturity framework within this white paper can help.

1. Maybe you’re just beginning your journey and need help to get the basics in place.
2. Perhaps you already have a solution, but it’s no longer meeting your needs and you’re looking for a way to move forward.
3. Or you recognise that you already have several point solutions in place that are working for separate departments. You don’t want to get rid of what’s working, but you are looking for an integrated solution that can bring transparency and standardisation to your processes.

The solution allowed us to reduce our maintenance backlog by 50% within three months and allows us to move from a reactive maintenance model to a preventive one – Elizabeth Harris, business information systems manager, King’s College London

Planon is a solid through-life partner, and we’re always developing new ways our community can utilise the latest technologies, such as analytics and smart building applications. Our solution can grow with you, supporting you as your needs change – illustrated by the number of customers who stay with us for decades.

The Verdantix Green Quadrant® for Integrated Workplace Management Systems acknowledges that “Planon has a strong track record in the higher education sector, with 100+ customers using its IWMS to support functions such as space reporting, move management, maintenance, room booking, and service requests.”

Planon allows us to analyse historical space information, manage our actual spaces and occupancies, and we can even plan future changes in our space, including managing the associated CAD drawings. With our dynamic real estate portfolio this increases our ability to execute change very fast – Walter Iten, Managing Director of Real Estate, ETH Zürich

The global pandemic has truly shone a spotlight on the value of real estate and facilities teams and tested their responsiveness, agility, alertness, and adaptability. As we move tentatively towards a return to the workplace and campus environment, getting a successful re-entry strategy in place will be a challenge.
Those universities already using an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) will be able to take advantage of the built-in functionality to help them reorganise their processes and procedures and get back on track with minimum effort. For those who aren’t yet employing this type of software, now is the time to explore the options.

Download our full white paper and explore our maturity model to gain a deeper understanding of your own situation and discover next steps for selecting the right solution.


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