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With the changing face of the global pandemic forcing universities to take action and move lectures and workshops online, we explore the cloud-based software which is transforming student and teacher interactions

Remote learning has prompted an increase in access to the cloud, with over 94% of facilities accessing it day-to-day. And with further lockdown measures coming into force, on-site and remote students will find themselves in isolation with their only access to education via the internet.

Wanting to provide students with easy access to their education and high quality lectures, how can university lecturers, who are used to traditional teaching techniques, adjust to the new way of learning?
With this new, cloud-based free software from BenQ, sessions can be easily transformed by letting academics create, save and share content, while also providing access to an interactive whiteboard, video conferencing and real-time classrooms for students.

Joining remotely has never been easier

EZWrite Live from BenQ provides easy access for lecturers to connect with remote students. Students can join the sessions instantly by entering the generated room code or scanning a QR code from any device with access to a web browser. Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, the platform removes the complexity of joining for any student regardless of their operating system.

Broadcast lectures and encourage interactive workshops

EZWrite Live instantly enhances the instructor student relationship to support distance learning and allows multiple users to create, share and collaborate on a virtual whiteboard within seconds, all via the cloud.

Offering various ways to host a session, use the broadcast or co-create settings to start visual or interactive whiteboards and create presentations with built-in templates, real-time annotations, chat conversation, sticky notes, imported documents or continue using a whiteboard canvas from a previous session. In addition, lecturers can easily take control of the session by switching students’ editing access on or off.

Visually connect, record and share sessions

EZWrite Live also lets you visually connect with multiple students simultaneously via the built-in video conferencing suite. You can also record sessions, save for another time, as well as sync with your personal profiles to access from any BenQ interactive whiteboard.

Preparing for a future of blended learning

We’re hopeful that the return to in-person learning won’t be prolonged, but it’s imperative for universities to access the future of educational techniques and ways in which technology can store information without requiring a server or memory space.

Gathering lesson content across a multitude of sources stored in the cloud and gaining access from a singular display or dashboard will help education establishments to make the most of their teaching resources. No matter where the lecturer is presenting the lesson from – a lecture theatre, home, the library or workshop – access to their important lesson materials via the cloud is secure and fast.

Account Management Systems (AMS) and Device Management Solutions (DMS) form network ecosystems by combining hardware and software as one solution. Utilising these cloud-based softwares from BenQ removes unnecessary in-person contact, as well as providing academics with access to personalise accounts and documents, and IT managers with access to administer, control and monitor hardware devices from on-site or remote locations.

As our education landscape redefines itself daily, it’s essential to be implementing these technology resources to provide huge advantages to teachers and students as they transition between remote and in-person teaching.

BenQ is at the forefront of the education technology market, with a multitude of classroom enriching solutions which combine hardware and software to instantly transform the learning environment.

If you want to find out more about what BenQ has to offer, visit www.BenQ.co.uk or email BQUK.demo@benq.com

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