Embracing a new reality – Workplace strategy insights for Covid-19 and beyond

As you explore the best way to return to the workplace – whether that’s in a traditional office, at home, or somewhere in between – Herman Miller are here to help. We understand the challenges because we’re experiencing them too, and we’re learning right along with you

To help you determine how to address the current situation and prepare for a dynamic future of work, we’re providing three tiers of information: what we’re learning now, near-term tactics for returning to the workplace, and long-term strategies for creating engaging workplaces.

Here’s a recap of what we’ve found.

1. No two work-from-home experiences are the same, according to an ongoing survey from Leesman, a leading independent workplace consultancy. Job functions that require creativity and spontaneous collaboration can be challenging in a home working environment. Even digitally native employees are struggling, especially those who value socialising and learning at work.

2. As part of your short-term plans for returning to the workplace, you should prioritise holistic community measures and consider adjustments to your physical space to keep people safe. Use data to help you decide who returns to the office and when.

3. From creating cross-functional facilities, HR, and IT teams to designing physical spaces around virtual work, our suggestions for long-term workplace strategies will help you prepare for the future.

4. Provide the ergonomic furnishings and integrated technology platforms people need to be comfortable and productive while working from home. Then, outfit your physical office with the right furniture and tools to enhance collaboration with remote colleagues. Research from our collaboration with Logitech provides tips on how.

5. Workplace scenario planning can be a useful tool to help you reconfigure and reappoint your spaces to help people maintain a safe physical distance from one another. Additionally, a smart office system like Live PlatformSM can provide data on how and when people are using your space. Consider using one of our many design ideas to help you get started.

To receive the full report, or to schedule a conversation with us about navigating the new realities of work, contact: [email protected] or visit hermanmiller.com

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