Don’t learn the hard way

Building maintenance helps create the right education environment to support staff retainment, increase student achievements and enhance your reputation as a great place to learn

How can education settings influence success?

We all remember our time in education. Many of us regale them as the best days of our lives. Those memories will be down to great teachers, favourite lessons and friends we made. They’ll also have a lot to do with the quality of the environment we learned in.

Nobody regales stories of great days in dilapidated education buildings, water pouring in from the roof, wind whistling through the window frame or the uninspired building with flaking paintwork.

Studies have highlighted that a positive education setting can significantly lower teacher turnover and increase student academic achievements. It makes perfect sense that staff and students do better in well maintained environments that are conducive to learning and academic performance.

Getting back to learning

Now education settings are reopening, imagine the frustration for the staff and students if facilities were closed due to currently unknown compromises to a building’s envelope that render it unusable. Another disruption to learning will cause short-term chaos and longer-term, a less than satisfying experience for your students.

This is where a building roof and façade condition survey quickly identifies the risks, failures and quick repairs that are required, saving you from future, bigger issues and potential closures.

Many education buildings are built with little or no planned roof or façade maintenance. It’s no surprise that over time unforeseen issues crop up. Often leading to reactive responses, limiting effectiveness and durability. These buildings can be experiencing leaky roofs, failing brickwork or dilapidating paintwork – which does nothing for reputation.

Regardless of age, building maintenance is an essential part of providing a smart and safe space for learning.

Helping to create the right setting for greater results

Building Transformation understand the education sector and have vast experience of working in populated environments to minimise disruption. We create transparency about your building’s needs and how to repair, protect and maximise its lifespan.

Working with facility, property and building managers, surveyors, local authorities and building owners within the education industry across the UK, our DBS-checked team have the experience to create bespoke roof and façade maintenance solutions for any education building.

And, as a commitment to sustainability is more important than ever, education settings are under increasing pressure to demonstrate sustainable and innovative building maintenance solutions. We dig deep to understand the nature of your building, its condition, the risks and opportunities and its own unique needs.

With a roof and façade investigation survey, we’ll put you in the know.

Special environments need specialist services

Building Transformation provide you with a solution for immediate and ongoing repair and maintenance of your complete building envelope.
Our specialist service solutions include:
● Roofing and façade condition surveys, leak detection, inspections and reports
● Leak investigations and non-destructive testing
● Roof assessment management, emergency call outs, reactive repairs and gutter maintenance
● Project, budget and programme planning to suit your building or portfolio
● Building restoration and renovation: repairs, cleaning and redecoration solutions
● Complete façade and roof refurbishment solutions

Let us put you in the know to really achieve the grades you deserve.

Call our technical services team today on 01234 964017 and book a condition survey, leak investigation, or repair solution.

James Middleton
Senior Project Surveyor

Matt Cronin
Technical Services Manager

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