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The Glass Office People deliver a range of unparalleled installation services to assist in effectively making the most of the space around you. Matthew Kurton, sales manager, provides an insight into the benefits of modern glass partition solutions to improve your working environment without sacrificing existing floor space.

Glass Partition Walls

When it is time to rethink a new or existing workspace, glass partition walls are the modern-day alternative to drywall installations.

Creating a new, practical space in an existing area has never been easier or more aesthetically pleasing than introducing glass partition walls to the working environment. These demountable wall systems not only provide the privacy of a drywall office, but this also means you can avoid compromising on the room space and light flow. With a variety of designs available, frosted glass overlay can be installed to ensure discretion when necessary, whilst still providing the benefit of not losing out on natural light.

Installing glass partition walls means creating effective workspaces for you and your team. Available in a range of options from single-glazed toughened glass to double-glazed systems using acoustic laminate glass, these systems provide the flexibility to meet the acoustic requirements. From meeting rooms and private offices to classrooms and break-out spaces, glass partitions deliver the opportunity to provide privacy whilst exhibiting a modern contemporary layout and maximising your space. Glass partition wall installations are assembled quickly and with minimal fuss, avoiding the guaranteed disruption that comes with installing alternative methods to building new working areas.

Social Distancing Screens

Whilst glass partition walls may not always be the most suitable option, social distancing screens can also aid in the separation of desks and are designed to protect individuals at workstations. A wide range of framed and frameless systems allow for a bespoke solution to fit any desk configuration by simply attaching to the desk stations or being free-standing to shield individuals from their surroundings. These are an appropriate option for open-plan areas where there is a requirement for a lot of desk space and the ability to move and reposition as required. The screens are designed for flexibility and quick adjustment to desk reconfigurations as desired, making them an ideal option.

The glass desk dividers are designed in a range of styles, catering to all areas of a working environment, from reception areas to close-proximity desk situations. They are available in permanent and semi-permanent options, with glass or acrylic – including aluminum-framed desk-mounted, frameless desk-mounted, frameless floor, and desk-mounted with satin stainless steel posts. The framework can be satin anodised to any standard RAL/BS colour and filming can be applied to glass and acrylic panels to provide a truly unique solution.

Freestanding Classroom Screens

Through modern production and processing techniques, these free-standing temporary modular classrooms are an ideal choice for lowering the number of individuals in a lesson and can be installed in areas such as assembly halls. Freestanding aluminum-framed modules with prefinished laminate and 6mm clear acrylic infill panels are bolted together, quick to install, and are a ready-to-use system solution. Available with fully glazed and half-glazed modules, the system includes a wide range of door options improving on privacy when required and, like the glass partition walls, these provide confidentiality whilst taking full advantage of, and effectively utilising, the existing space. Available with up to 2000mm high walls, these are a cost-effective solution that can be dismantled, stored, and erected as required to meet the ever-changing requirements of the educational establishment.

The Glass Office People offer free on-site surveys on a national basis with professional, helpful, and impartial advice from a team of trained surveyors to meet your requirements. Competitively priced, delivery for most systems is 10-14 days from order and all systems are available on a ‘supply only’ or ‘supply and fit’ basis.

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