Connect your Students with the Industry through BCS Academic Membership

Over the past 20 years our use of technology has expanded to every corner of both our personal and professional lives. Parallel to this the market for careers in the IT industry has grown to become an increasingly desirable and competitive space. In response, BCS, the Chartered Institute of IT now offers a unique opportunity for university students to receive membership to their professional body which supports them alongside their studies. BCS membership is a steppingstone to industry like no other, introducing your students to professional standards, industry expertise and ethical practice while they’re still studying.

The overwhelming benefit of this opportunity for students is the connection it gives them to the community of industry professionals at BCS. Through academic membership, students can receive talks from guest speakers from across the IT sector, enjoy behind-the-scenes access to potential employers, and attend unique workshops and seminars from experts in the field. They can also match with a BCS mentor from the IT community who’ll support them on their journey from education to industry. Having this professional community at their fingertips gives students the opportunity to reflect, develop and apply their learning from the classroom to the practical realities of the tech industry.

BCS membership further provides tools to help students with the more functional elements of their career development. Our online career hub gives them access to a CV reviewer, interview simulator, psychometric practice tests and more. These resources are designed to help students be as prepared as possible for the next steps after they graduate and develop skills they’ll use again and again as they progress within the industry.

As well as students, your university staff can reap the benefits of BCS academic membership too. Your affiliation with the chartered institute and professional body for IT will raise the profile of your university within the tech industry and promote your status amongst academics, professionals, and prospective students. Connecting with the BCS community and our wide network of experts also provides new opportunities for you to continue with your own professional development Volunteering, content contribution, further qualifications and professional registrations are all ways for you to personally progress with the support of BCS.

The underlying aim of BCS membership is to embed professionalism and make IT good for society. Full access to the SFIAplus skills framework is a key benefit of BCS membership, used by members to measure competence against the industry-defined benchmark. This supports ongoing assessment of your abilities throughout your career, ensuring you maintain your skills and prioritise your professional development. Providing academic membership for students introduces them to professional standards at the very start of their tech career. Developing their professional integrity in this way will be invaluable in raising standards across the industry and ensuring success in the field today and in the future.

Together we can enhance your institution’s profile and nurture stand-out, industry-ready students while contributing to IT professionalism across the industry and our digital society.

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