Catering solutions: picking the right warewasher

Introducing the ultimate 2-in-1 warewashing solution from Wexiödisk

University caterers can face hundreds of customers every day, often in a short period between lectures or at lunchtimes. Caterers working in this busy environment need to be able to rely on their warewasher to prevent hold-ups, loss of custom and keep service running smoothly. However, with so many options available, it can often be daunting for caterers to choose the right warewasher for their specific needs.

One thing for certain is that sustainability, cost, ease of use and exceptional washing results are important factors across the board. Renowned for providing some of the most innovative, energy-efficient products in the industry, operators can be confident that, with Wexiödisk, they can always find the perfect model to meet their every need.

As university kitchens continue to shrink at the same time as menus expand, demand for more compact, more flexible, equipment solutions, has never been greater. However, if a university truly wants to become more flexible whilst maximising kitchen space, then they should invest in space-savvy catering solutions such as warewashers.

Take our brand-new, compact combi warewasher – the WD-12S – for example. Despite its deceptively small size (1295mm wide x 815mm deep x 2335mm high), this innovative warewasher is capable of washing a high volume of pots, pans, plates and cutlery within a single wash cycle. This is thanks to the WD-12S’s individually adjustable water pressure arms, which make simultaneously washing plates on the right, and pans on the left, and vice versa, possible by the simple push of a lever.

This clever 2-in-1 solution means that operators no longer need to invest in two separate warewashers. This of course, makes for a wiser financial investment, both from an initial purchase point of view as well as a long-term operation perspective. This is because, as with all Wexiödisk models, the components of the WD-12S have carefully been chosen to minimise the consumption of water, chemicals and electricity.

For example, each Wexiödisk dishwasher also comes with the option of ECO-FLOW heat recovery technology as standard. This smart recovery system works by cleverly converting steam from the warewasher into energy. This recycled steam can then be used to power the warewasher in an efficient way rather than solely relying on electricity, thus allowing an operator to save energy whilst improving the climate in the dishwashing room. With Wexiödisk models, operators can have peace of mind that they are choosing the most sustainable solution for their business without compromising on efficiency or washing ability.


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