Brand-new safety product from Prefect Controls

HobSensus is a brand-new safety product designed specifically for kitchens in student accommodation

HobSensus is a brand-new safety product designed specifically for kitchens in student accommodation. It makes them safer by alerting residents if there is potential for a pan fire and by ensuring that hobs are not left switched on when no one is in the kitchen.

The criteria for the European Standard (EN50615:2015) for kitchen safety devices are fully met, so conscientious landlords, accommodation and facilities managers, can enjoy peace of mind that their kitchens are safer places with a HobSensus on the wall.

It couldn’t be simpler to use – a press of the red button commences the pre-set timer, so if the person preparing the food is distracted and leaves the kitchen, the hob will automatically switch off.

But this is so much more than a timer! The sensor in the device divides the cooking space into 64 zones and measures the temperature in each zone individually. When the temperature at any point on the hob rises above 250°C – for example, if oil is being used to cook – the power to the hob will switch off and it becomes inoperable until the unit has been reset.

An audible alarm and flashing red LEDs alert those close by to deal with the situation.

HobSensus is also compatible with Irus – Prefect’s central control building management system – this unlocks features including battery level indicator, power use, leak detection and a trigger-log – all of which can be monitored remotely on the Irus web-based portal.

HobSensus is tamper-proof thanks to clever design and robust manufacture. If the sensor is covered the hob will not switch on and the alarm will be raised. A hard-wearing fascia is easy to keep clean and ensures the unit’s effectiveness in the most challenging environments, while the stylish design aesthetic will fit with any kitchen surroundings.

HobSensus is available from
Prefect Controls Ltd
01787 320604

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