Award-winning design-led student living

Collegiate understands the student experience is about more than accommodation and facilities

A brand collection that segments the market

For more than a decade, Collegiate has built a reputation for providing premium and high-quality student accommodation. Attracting accolades and awards, its accommodation took the market by storm by providing students a range of class-leading amenities, such as gyms, cinema rooms, and dinner party rooms, as well as open shared living spaces.

However, last year the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Arlington Advisors Limited (Arlington), which represents a portfolio comprising more than 13,500 beds in the UK. With the acquisition, Collegiate expanded its offer and approach to now operating and managing a number of student accommodation brands including The Neighbourhood, Universe.City and Prima Vidae.

Collegiate is now one of the UK’s leading providers of contemporary student accommodation, with 34 properties in its UK portfolio and nearly 9,000 beds. This expanding portfolio has allowed the company to evolve its offering to focus on the overall student living experience, while also meeting the different budgets and needs of students with the same devotion.

The expanded portfolio enabled Collegiate to use its insight to develop a range of products with global student appeal. With a growing internal team of architects and designers they were able to focus on the specification of every item within the building’s living spaces, fixtures and fittings. As well as a team focused on the student experience, they were able to reflect and lead trends in the changing student accommodation marketplace.

Award-winning student experience

Collegiate came from a position of strength having been awarded the ‘Operator of the Year’ accolade at the Class of 2020 Awards in Berlin for pioneering many industry practices in terms of design, facilities and for the high quality of both the accommodation and services offered. In addition, more than 80% of the company’s residents have rated their accommodation as ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’ for four years in a row.

Taking this award-winning approach, Collegiate has shifted its focus even further towards the ‘student experience’ and providing spaces that they want for a range of budgets they can afford. The company also realised that the student experience was more than just the quality of the accommodation and facilities but also included less tangible elements, such as the kindness of the site staff, the services they provide, as well as the accommodation’s general atmosphere and sense of community.

Here are some of the key elements that go into providing Collegiate’s students with a balanced and improved living experience.

Design-led spaces

We want to create high-quality spaces where students feel at home when away from home. Collegiate develops properties with students in mind, creating stand-out living and learning environments that enhance wellbeing and support studies.


For many students this is their first time away from home, so we’ve worked hard to develop an after-care programme that provides students with an on-site listening ear to help with any problems they may be experiencing while away from home.

Wellbeing & mental health support

Now more than ever, we’re focusing on student wellbeing, mental health and security to not only reassure parents that their child is being looked after, but most importantly to give students the best chance to succeed in their studies by ensuring they are healthy, happy and safe.

Social events

University life is meant to be fun and enjoyable, so the team has developed a range of fun, exciting and inclusive social events that are free to enjoy. From on-site activities such as movie nights or wellness days, the events utilise the social spaces or can be off-site and held at local venues or attractions. These social events are what build memorable moments for our students and create a positive buzz around the building. Feeling part of a team or community enhances student confidence and inclusion, no matter the race, gender or culture.

A new reality

2020/21 has been a year like no other for students due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It has also highlighted the importance of the student experience and how accommodation providers have a major role to play in student wellbeing.

Collegiate has used its experiences of the pandemic to make further improvements to student life and welfare.

Alongside health and safety measures on site, Collegiate has built up a panel of online tools to support students and make sure that residents feel safe and get the best possible living experience.

With the new academic year approaching, the post-pandemic student experience is the new reality and one that universities and accommodation providers will need to embrace.

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