A connected workforce is a safe workforce

How can communication technologies and software applications address the ever-growing demand on a university’s widespread workforce, inter-campus workflow and, now, pressures created by the Covid-19 pandemic? The UK’s leading radio partner, Radiocoms Systems Ltd, explains

In 2019, the Complete University Guide released a report detailing crime statistics in areas where students live. It highlighted the pressure that universities are under to protect students and staff from robbery, burglary, violence and sexual crimes. The return to campus has left a large majority of universities questioning how their existing technologies can support them in delivering instantaneous team communications or mass notifications should an emergency arise. Communication systems that provide a critical foundation for so many campus teams to collaborate on were already under scrutiny for black spots, system failures or missed messages – the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and they were dealt a further blow by exposing inadequacies and their dependencies on failing technologies.

Supporting new workplace strategies

Prevention and remediation are key in addressing potential threats. Radiocoms, who have offices throughout the UK, are actively supporting university campuses with their evolving workplace strategies by offering solutions to their failing technologies to help keep costs down without compromising on quality or reliability.

“Now is the time to expand the focus beyond immediate crisis management to actions and decisions that will strengthen team collaboration,” says Paul Jenkins from Radiocoms. But, he cautions, “with the dynamics of the workplace environment rapidly changing it can be an overwhelming task, especially when addressing both short and long term operational plans.”

Consistency in times of uncertainty

Regular system health checks can identify the irregularities and inefficiencies that cause radio networks to operate ineffectively. As the UK’s leading radio partner, Radiocoms has a nationwide engineering resource that can work alongside university teams either onsite or remotely.

Radiocoms’ hands-on advice, quality and functionality tests provide a swift resolution. With full reports detailing all identified minor and/or major faults alongside action plans, it can rectify and eliminate the risk of impending system failures.

Paul comments: “A radio system health check can not only help to identify weak links within any existing infrastructure, but also identify routes to deliver cost savings by consolidating voice, data and mobile services.” He adds: “This can not only help to streamline both internal and external communications but ensures a campus is completely future-proofed against ever-changing technology.”

As part of its tailored services, Radiocoms also provides dedicated remote monitoring and management of software application renewals to ensure that no updates are missed, which can often hinder system performance.

Communication systems that support crisis management

Universities, like many other verticals, have had to adapt to a wider distributed workforce, meaning the adaption of how they communicate has been fundamental – there is a real need to centralise and automate. Motorola Solutions are at the forefront of developing secure, reliable, and resilient technologies that can transform the way teams collaborate within a campus setting. Working with their partners such as Radiocoms, they are helping to address the need to connect employees both on and off-site.

WAVE PTX bridges the technology gap with cloud-based and on-premise deployment options to meet specific communication requirements. The software application extends a radio system’s reach by connecting two-way radios to technologies such as smartphones or other mobile devices, regardless of their location, delivering a real-time flow of voice and data. Meanwhile, the optional WAVE PTX SafeGuard Package adds streaming video to improve situational awareness at the push of a button, eliminating the need to deploy another device to record.

With multi-layered security and intelligent network monitoring, the solution is adept at protecting, preventing, and mitigating threats.

Radiocoms are offering free technology consultations to university campuses to discuss system health checks and demonstrate the integration of WAVE either virtually or onsite. Please visit: www.radiocoms.co.uk

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