What lies ahead

Lucy Sanderson, winner of the Admin Angel category at the Young Leaders Awards, tells us what’s next for the University of Lancaster

How do you see your role developing at your university in the next couple of years? 

As I have recently started a new role at the University (Project Officer for the Vice Chancellor), personally there are a lot of exciting challenges ahead. In this completely new post, I hope to gain a deeper insight into the decision making process of Senior Management and contribute to projects that are delivering change at the university.

What are the main challenges your department and sector across universities will face in the future?  

Observationally, uncertainty around funding will pose some difficult challenges in the not-so-distant future, this will not only impact on specific university functions, but the sector as a whole. In my opinion universities need to be proactive in anticipating and responding to changes in the funding landscape in order to be more resilient.

Where do you see yourself in a few years time? 

I hope to continue to follow my own curiosity to work on projects that I enjoy rather than imagine myself in a set role or position within the sector. What interests me is often shaped by activities I’m working on and people I’m working with which means I’m open to new challenges and opportunities.

Would you like to mentor more young people in the future yourself?

I would be happy to share my experiences as well as lessons learned with others in the future. I have been inspired by some amazing people at the university over the past few years and would love to return the favour to the next generation of professionals.

What are the best things about working in the university sector? 

Knowing that what I’m doing is part of something bigger, I feel that I make a difference every day. 

How you felt about being nominated for and winning your Young Leader Award? Do you think it will be a career boost for the future?   

I was absolutely delighted to be nominated for the award, I felt that it was a prize in itself for my colleagues to put me forward, let alone being shortlisted or even winning my category!

It was fantastic to represent Lancaster University at the Awards Ceremony, networking and sharing the evening with professionals from other universities and HE partners. Winning the award has given me recognition across the university as well as exposure to new opportunities, proven by my new appointment as Project Officer to the Vice Chancellor, supporting Strategy and Policy development. I hope that I can continue to make a positive contribution to the people I work with, Lancaster University and the HE sector. 

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