The ‘Greta Effect’

The impact of teen activist Greta Thunberg on universities and on the children of tomorrow

No one can have failed to miss the School Global Climate Strikes (‘Fridays for Future’) driven by teen activist Greta Thunberg, whose face now dominates our media headlines and who has criticised United Nations members for failing to do more on climate change.

Greta has succeeded in raising awareness of the issue to completely new levels, reaching children across the world, where countries and politicians have failed. Her Global Climate Strikes were purportedly attended by over seven million people globally and the most notable impact has been on Generation Z. 

Now, young people across the world are mobilised, and while it remains unclear whether the activism she has inspired will actually change climate change policies, what’s certain is that the children of today will be the students of tomorrow, with a likely impact on thinking and approach in the next few years.

Already, universities are seen to be at the forefront of sustainability policies on water use, energy and waste. We are seeing growth in meat-free outlets with some universities going as far as banning red meat. But will Generation Z feel today’s actions go far enough? It is likely that they will be asking for more. By the time the schoolchildren of today reach universities, there will be a new breed of activists.

Whether waste and food reduction, recycling of plastic or reduction of emissions, we can expect increasing pressure on institutions as well as government to accelerate climate change policies ahead of current targets and deadlines. Greta has raised the bar – she has appealed to the next generation and drawn children into the debate.

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The conference will be packed with networking opportunities affording commercial professionals the opportunity to share and learn best practice, alongside an informal dinner and charity competition.

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