The co-revolution: living, working and learning together

The Class of 2020 is a leading ThinkTank that develops answers to modern day problems for student living

From students to young graduates, news paths to enter the professional landscape are emerging. Modern communication, technologies and the ubiquity of internet access makes it possible to work from wherever, whenever: facilitating the contemporary ‘gig-economy’. 

It often eliminates the need to go to an office at all, potentially risking social isolation and detachment. In response to this phenomenon, a workplace evolution has been taking place in which new, serviced working environments emerging going far beyond the traditional office are emerging. 

Not only is this tendency flourishing in the work sector, the same trend can be observed in the living realm. Communal living typologies for recent graduates are on the rise, learning from experiences in student accommodation. 

As Jonathan Burrows, Founder and CEO at Ask4 affirmed: “The co-living and working revolution is a natural progression from PBSA for supporting diverse and remote working patterns and fostering creativity.” Stemming in part from increased costs of living in the most congested cities, co-living platforms offer an attractive alternative to otherwise archaic housing options. 

Felix Hillen, Managing Director at The Student Hotel said: “They answer very specific needs for all-inclusive and fully furnished accommodation of superior quality that concurrently enables communities to connect and form.” 

The growing desire from a younger generation to maintain an urban lifestyle that tailors and integrates living with shared services, amenities and communal events results in the emergence of a wide variety of ‘micro-societies’ across European cities. Georg-Christian Rueb, Senior Portfolio Manager at Union Investment commented: “Micro Living in Germany and Europe has evolved from a niche into a global, institutional asset class.”  The co-revolution of living, working and learning is catalyzing a new market that puts experience before material goods. 

Through The Class’ Germany Regional Session in Hamburg, thought leaders will address the topic of co-living, co-working and co-learning giving fresh new perspectives to build a better future for the students and recent graduates of tomorrow. The Class of 2020 is a leading Think Tank for the future of living, working and learning. The Class is shaping the knowledge ecosystem in which cities, universities and the real estate industry cooperate to make student living efficient, international, and welcoming.

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