Technology and the future of student living

That’s the theme of The Class of 2020’s UK Regional Session, coming to London next month

Over the last years, PBSA (purpose-built student accommodation) has been getting an increasing amount of attention from a number of sectors, including real estate, education and government. They are now proven economic and political assets, with constantly upgraded community living models offering students forward-thinking environments with a home-like feeling.

Many residencies are fully equipped with tech, including digital locking, smart rental payment and improved wi-fi speed. Technology also features strongly in their manufacture, in areas such as 3D printed construction, smart heating systems and water-storing roofs.

Yet, with the rise of new tech, ways to encourage personal interaction need to be rethought. As numerous studies show, the rise of internet usage – particularly social media – has led to increased feelings of isolation and depression. How can new technologies help drive students away from their phones and out of their dorms?

This will be one of the questions under consideration at an event organised by The Class of 2020, a think tank on the future of living, working and learning. Rokia Raslan, Stewart Moore, Aaron Maskrey, Luke Nolan and Jonathan Burrows will be among the speakers.

The Class of 2020’s UK Regional Session takes place in London on March 8th. For further information or enquiries, please email Manon:

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