Sheffield launches Festival of Life

Life Festival is a celebration of work by the University of Sheffield’s medicine, dentistry and health researchers to improve lives

World-class medics and scientists from the University of Sheffield are opening their laboratory doors to give members of the public the unique opportunity to witness ground-breaking research which is making a difference to people across the world.

Life Festival is a celebration of the work that the University of Sheffield’s medicine, dentistry and health researchers are doing to improve lives with their leading research into cancer, Parkinson’s, dementia and childhood diseases.

The six-day festival, which runs from 19-24 May 2014 will include free health checks, interactive lab demonstrations and entertaining lectures from world-leading medical experts, including Embarrassing Bodies lead presenter Dr Dawn Harper, on everything from how your heart works to what happens if you don’t get enough sleep.With more than 45 exciting events, the free festival is guaranteed to be something for all ages.

Susan Bridgeford, Director of Operations for the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health, said: ‘This festival gives people across the city the rare opportunity to get a glimpse of some of the remarkable and world leading research which is taking place both here at the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

‘Our work is about finding cures, improving treatments and improving quality of life. With its origins dating back to 1828, the talented staff and students at the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health have been helping to transform lives of people not only in the city of Sheffield but across the world for almost 200 years.’

Greg Oldfield, Head of Public Engagement with Research at the University of Sheffield said the first Life Festival is guaranteed to interest people of all ages. “From famous television doctors to explosive experiments, the Life Festival truly does have something for everyone. Throughout our lives each and every one of us will rely on the marvellous people within the medical profession who do their very best to make us better.

“This festival gives people the chance to come and meet some of our world-leading researchers and learn more about the fascinating subject that is the human body.”

Dr Allan Pacey, from the Department of Human Metabolism, said: ‘I am really pleased that the BBC have given us special permission to have a screening of one of the episodes of Inside the Human Body, a series I helped make back in 2010. We are going to be joined by the BBC film director who made the programme as well as some of the staff from our Academic Unit of Reproductive and Developmental Medicine, so the audience will be able to ask questions about some of the science and medicine the film shows, as well as ask the director how a film like this is actually made.

“Most people are interested in their personal health and so I would encourage anyone to come along to the events and find out more. We are really working at the cutting edge of healthcare here in Sheffield and we have a lot of world leading experts on our doorstep.’

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