Security for students in a Wi-Fi world

The ever-growing adoption of smart classrooms coincides with a rapid increase in the use of wireless via mobile devices

The fast and ever growing adoption of smart classrooms and other cutting-edge educational technologies coincides with a rapid increase in the use of wireless via mobile devices – driving the need to ensure the stability of wireless networks. Students and faculties depend on access points (APs) to connect, but there are often gray areas for connectivity and wireless roaming services can be limited – making smooth, continuous coverage impossible. These issues can often result in frequent complaints regarding the quality, speed, and stability of services.

Education establishments comprehensive wireless security environment also need a solution that can protect its network from threats. 

Often wireless service companies do not provide wireless equipment or separate security and certification services other than access points. They can’t properly detect viruses or abnormal network traffic, which can leave the network exposed to a variety of security threats.

WatchGuard’s solution differentiates networks and assigns permissions for different user groups, while providing clear analysis and reporting functions. 

Separation of Wired and Wireless Networks and a Centralised Operation Create Efficiency

While competing solutions can only provide partial protection WatchGuard can implement a wide variety of integrated security services such as Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), antivirus, spam blocking, application control, URL filtering, APT blockers, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), RED services and more, which will effectively defend networks against security weaknesses.

Real-Time Traffic Analysis

Administrators can easily operate and manage wired and wireless networks with WatchGuard Dimension™, which is included with all WatchGuard firewall products, it provides a suite of big-data visibility and reporting tools that instantly identify and distill key threats, issues, and trends. With Dimension schools are able to perform a flawless analysis of all traffic and security events and set meaningful policies across their networks. 


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