Leeds Art Party – not your ordinary party politics

The Leeds Arts Party will be celebrating the value of arts and culture both socially and economically

Following artist Bob and Roberta Smith’s 2013 Scarborough Art Party; a mammoth campaign for arts education, a group of students from Leeds College of Art are following his lead, facilitating new conversations and keeping the campaign for the arts alive.  

This is a free event funded by the Green Exchange, and V-Inspired. Holding host to guest speakers including the official 2012 London Olympics poet Lemn Sissay, arts education advocate Susan Coles, and Cape Farewell; an organisation linking scientific exploration with the arts – this really will be a thought provoking day presenting an undeniable case for the arts.

The Leeds Arts Party is not just for teachers and those working in the creative industries; this event is for all. Family friendly creative workshops will be running throughout the day from some of Leeds’ most inclusive community arts organisations, including a craftivism workshop from The Blood Bag Project, whose aim is to encourage more people to give blood by raising awareness through craft.

Additionally there will be an Arts Marketplace where work of the region’s finest artists and makers will be for sale, much of which has been created with sustainability in mind.

Two exhibitions will be on display showcasing the social and environmental impact of the arts, and four curated conversations are scheduled to spark debate.

“The creative industries generate 8.8million an hour to the UK economy, so why are creative subjects not valued by the Government in our education system?” asks the Leeds Arts Party project manager Frances Bailey. By focusing on STEM subjects (science, technology, English and maths) we are simply not equipping the future generations with the tools required to succeed in this industry, a sector which has been championed by the government as ‘a powerhouse within the UK economy’ that is ‘outperforming all other main industry sectors’”

Furthermore, creativity in schools has been shown again and again to assist the development of problem solving skills and breed innovation; precisely what is needed to tackle the global sustainability issues faced today.

Free tickets are available at www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/Leeds-arts-party-tickets-16559429700

More information is available at www.leedsartsparty.org  The event will be held on Saturday 9 May 2015, 11am – 4pm, Leeds College of Art, Blenheim Walk, Leeds LS2 9AQ


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