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Smart products to support BYOD

As technology keeps changing, it changes the way ideas are shared. At Bretford, we design smart products that support the day to day management and deployment for shared, loaned, BYOD or one to one device learning applications.

Bretford’s Store & Charge line now features mobile and static solutions and the latest smart versions were displayed at the Excel Higher and Further Education Show last week. These included our latest iPad charge and sync carts and stations which now have an App to make it easy for users to remotely monitor the individual charge status of their devices and Apple configurator. Additionally for security an alert can be sent when devices are disconnected or go offline.

In addition to Myritrac, the intelligent locker system which provides students with a 24/7 laptop/tablet loan service, also on display was the new range of TechGuard lockers. Available in either 1, 5 and 10 bay solutions these lockers provide a secure static solution for either managed or BYOD applications. Each bay is equipped with a reprogrammable 4 digit code lock, an AC socket for charging a laptop plus two USB ports for charging tablets and smartphones.

For further information see www.bretford.com or call 01753 539955. 

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