Leading EdTech specialists gather for a brand new conference

On 7th March 2017, University Business and Education Technology are bringing together leading figures in the EdTech industry

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Higher Education, held at Senate House, London, will include expert presentations and panels from some of the UK’s leading education and technology specialists, including representatives from University College London, Microsoft Education, the Edtech Podcast, and Jisc, among others.

The speakers will cover the topics most relevant to the technology and education sectors, and discuss the future that technology will play in education.

“Higher Education is reaching a tipping point, where traditional models may no longer match the needs of students and a fast-changing workplace.

Internationalisation vs Brexit and Visa Restrictions as well a protectionist interventions may stem the flow of international students being able to come to the UK as easily as they used to. On-campus provision does not always align to the fast-technological and online progress that increasingly rule our lives.

Time for Higher Education to formulate a strategic response.

The question is whether they can realize that response by themselves.”

–       Carla Aerts, Director of Futures, UCL Institute of Education 

Universities are battling to avoid a ‘drop out’ culture from their brightest entrepreneurial students. International students are increasingly savvy about employability ROI and business as usual will not cut it. An institutional malaise needs to be overcome if left-field players are not to capture the imagination (and £s) of learners seeking to embrace the premium of creative skills. All this whilst the goal posts keep moving as Universities juggle automation timelines, economic and political disorder and student expectation. There is clear value in creating the time and space to develop the kind of deep learning humans have enjoyed for millenia. And there are plenty of big problems to go around at the moment for academics, students, and societal stakeholders to get stuck into.’ 

–       Sophie Bailey, Creator, EdTech Podcast

For more information and to book your place, visit digitaltransformationhe.co.uk or click here.


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