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University Hospitality Seminars has organised a one day seminar, ‘The Business Woman’ on 21 May at Halifax Hall, Sheffield

Businesses today are all about innovation, expertise and, most importantly, inspiration. However some of the most inspiring stories from the corporate industry are of business women who are in complete charge of their successful careers and are determined to set examples for their peers.

Recognising the need to offer support, training and mentoring for women in businesses, University Hospitality Seminars (UHS) have organised a one day seminar called “The Business Woman” on 21 May at Halifax Hall, Sheffield.

Pat McGrath, Chair of UHS, commented: “Focusing on succession planning and future proofing our industry has never been so important. This course has been designed to aid strengthening of skills and equipping future leaders to perform to their best.  This is a vital role for UHS to undertake.”

Intended specifically for women aspiring to become leaders in their respective professions, this course will be facilitated by experienced guest lectures who have made it big in their careers. Lucy Owens, speaker at the session, says: The “Cracking Challenging Conversations” session will offer some useful tools and tips for handling these interactions. We will look at the key features of difficult conversations, identify individual working styles and how they impact on tricky situations, and work on effective approaches to help prepare for and handle tough conversations as effectively as possible.’

Through these sessions, many imperative professional skills will be highlighted, as well as fascinating demonstrations by Shirley Clark in a session called “Fake It Until You Make It”.  In this session, delegates will discover means by which a woman can make an impact in the professional industry and achieve greater confidence and credibility.  Shirley explains, “This session is able to achieve a great deal in a short time and provide you with insights and specific techniques to come across more confidently, effectively and influentially in all areas in which you operate.”  

The seminar will also focus on the importance of career development and planning, as delightfully expressed by another speaker, Ginnie Willis, Director of the Aurora Programme created by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education: “This session will explore the value of planning your career and developing your leadership skills. Why?  Between here and retirement lies a world of opportunities that, without a bit of forethought, may just look like more hard work!”

Central to career prospects is the essential skill of networking and the strength of social media from closed groups and communities on Facebook, important LinkedIn contacts and endorsements, to the very vital tweets that can express a big brand idea despite its character limits. According to Janet Wilkinson: “We have the potential for significant loyalty, support and interest to be built up in our networks and they should transcend our immediate working environment and be built on our past as well as created for our future. Social media can play its part but, whether virtual or in person, it is really all about building and sustaining relationships and the give and take between people within the network.”

You can now register online at: 

The booking deadline is 6 May 2015. 

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